Blogging: The Black-and-White TV of the Internet



I like blogging. I really do. Some Days it’s difficult to come up with a topic that interests me in writing about, and that being something I hope my regular readers will enjoy as well, but I make the attempt. I’m not a purveyor of the news cycle, so I am not always up to date as to what is going on around the world. To me, it’s mostly bad news and although I’m not someone that hides from it, I’m also not a Chicken Little. I try to look, when I am able, to look for the better things in life. It’s difficult and sometimes I feel forced to write about topics that I think most, where they may be interested, are not looking for my view.

It’s tough. A friend, someone I consider a mentor in my blogging career, recently told me that more people are moving to videos, and that’s where the majority of traffic for blogs like his and mine have gone. Then I hear from those that tell me that they prefer to read about a topic instead of having to invest  time in a video. We, bloggers,  often get to the point quickly where those that produce video, whether they’re fifteen minutes or an hour, seem to drag on and on. Also, it’s been pointed out to me that it’s easier to search a website for a specific blog post than it is to find some specific information on a long video.

So what to do? Is blogging a dying art? Should we all be moving to platforms like YouTube? If I created a channel on YouTube, would anyone be more inclined to visit there than here, on my site? Maybe.

Writing your thoughts is much more difficult than speaking them. When a person writes, they have to think before they place anything down. Sure, I can edit, and often do, but it’s different in that I’m trying to make a point, taking up a little time not only for my readers, but for myself. So, i have to actually think about the topic, a lot, before I ever type a single word. Those I see on video, the majority, may have a few notes, but have rarely considered what they are discussing and it mainly becomes thirty or more minutes of blather.

I think it’s unfortunate that we’ve passed the era of blogging into the era of video entertainment. That’s what it mostly has become. Yes, there are some great channels I follow, but they’re more like blogs than anything else. they’re scripted and come to a point without boring the viewer to death. I really don’t see a future for them as most people, like me, don’t have the time to view thirty minutes or more whereas they can read a blog post in five minutes or slightly longer.

I’d prefer to see a resurgence of blogging. There are at least two reasons why: The blogger may say whatever he/she wants without someone, somewhere, deciding whether that content may be offensive to someone as what regularly happens on YouTube.  that’s not to say that my platform (WordPress) couldn’t de-platform  me for what they decided was offensive, but that’s a rarity in blogging, again because bloggers have to think before they write, whereas video creators often do not. That’s where they sometimes come into trouble, The second is that it takes a lot of effort to produce a video someone wants to view. Think about some of those top creators you may watch: How much does it cost them to produce a video? Graphics, music, etc. – none of that is free unless the creator is him/herself a graphic artist. Most are not. Blogging is jus this: writing.

I used to be a part of a podcast (audio), Chill Girls in Pink Corvettes, the idea behind it at the time was to counter some popular feminist ideologies that were infecting the atheist/skeptic world.  Women that didn’t agree were referred to as Chill Girls. There was also a movement to remove the idea that girls (children) like the color pink. No kidding. It was fun, and we had a lot of interesting guests over the time we produced it. I was initially just there to be an announcer and help keep the conversation moving forward. I quickly became the third of three.

During that time, I was just beginning this blog and a lot of times, those podcasts would inspire further blogging on a particular subject. That podcast actually helped this site become a little more popular over time. Not that this site is huge, or ever had been. Combining the two helped to spring what it was  to what it is. So I’ll continue to blog, as long as I can and as long as someone, somewhere is interested in reading.

I’d like to see a resurgence with blogging although I doubt it will occur anytime soon. Maybe those disaffected with the various video platforms that constantly de-;platform ideas they disapprove of, or de-monetize the same, will realize that blogging is a better platform for expressing ideas/opinions. I may be just wishing on a star.





One thought on “Blogging: The Black-and-White TV of the Internet

  1. I imagine there will be an audience for blogging for some time but that it will be smaller than it used to be. YouTube is one issue, but the manner in which people use social media seems to be another. Much of the interaction I get on social media around my posts makes it painfully clear that many of those interacting have not bothered to read the content. They respond to the titles without ever clicking the link to read the post. As odd as I find this, I am seeing more and more of it.


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