Why I Write and You’re Important to the Process


Most of what I do here is provide my readers with my opinion on a subject or various ones depending on what I’m onto at the time. I don’t expect everyone, or anyone, to necessarily agree with me, but hey, it’s my blog and i can say what I want, can’t I? My readers have the same privilege in the comments to disagree with me as they may. i don;t take disagreement personally, in fact, I may actually learn something from someone that doesn’t agree with me.

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A Call For Contrubtors


I’ve thought about this for a long time. I think it would be interesting for my readers to hear other voices. Of course my main interest is atheism and skepticism, I also write about other topics that happen to capture my attention at the time. I don;t receive a hge number of xomments, but of those I do, they are thoughtful and well considered whether they agree with me or not.

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Do I Blog Too Much?

Just a quick thought for today. I didn’t blog for the last 2 days, I was a bit under the weather. Nothing bad, but as everyone knows, you just become less amenable to do those tasks that are not imminent than otherwise. I did start, then stop during that time a couple of posts but because the OTC medicine I was taking, I couldn’t place two thoughts in sequence.

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