Has Interest in Atheism Declined?



I’ve received a few emails (okay, very few) from readers asking me why I don’t seem to be doing much if any writing concerning atheism. The reason is simple: there’s really not much to write about. I mean, I can replay the same old tropes, in their current form based on what I happen to read about, but there’s really nothing, iin my mind, noteworthy of any commentary. Times have changed where, just a few years ago, there was plenty to write about, or produce a podcast. Today, people, most, seem to have moved on to their lives, as they should.

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Stay Tuned



Sorry for the deficit in blogging, I’m out of the country. I’ll try to do better of the next couple of weeks. It’;s tough though because we’re here for the Women’s World Cup – yes in France – and we’re out and about all the time when we’re not at a match. Of course we’re mainly following the American team, which every few days places us on a train for one place to another. As I write now, we’re in Paris, where the U.S. Women, on Sunday, defeated Chile. Really good game.

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Do I Actually Need Another Site to Hold Debates/Discussions?




Gretchen, over at SkepticReview wants me to create an account over at something called “letter.wiki”. It’s a place, to allow  people want to have a debate or discussion, can talk to each other, in a blog post format ( actually, a “letter” to the person you’re responding to on a particular topic. It’s a great idea, and Ive been thinking about creating an account there. Then, I thought differently. My thought is how this would, in any way, drive traffic to this blog. It may, but I need more information.

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Blogging. Just Because I Can



Blogging, for me is an interesting hobby. I think for many of us that remain out here in the blogosphere, it’s become a way for us to express ourselves, simply, without all of the overhead that is required for other forms of media. Think about it, right now, I’m typing this on an old iPad, it requires nothing else than my WordPress subscription; I don’t require a video camera, or a microphone or even a special place to set down my thoughts. I can do this in my home office, in the living room, or as I am now, sitting outside on my patio, on a perfect morning, drinking coffee.

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Blogging: The Black-and-White TV of the Internet



I like blogging. I really do. Some Days it’s difficult to come up with a topic that interests me in writing about, and that being something I hope my regular readers will enjoy as well, but I make the attempt. I’m not a purveyor of the news cycle, so I am not always up to date as to what is going on around the world. To me, it’s mostly bad news and although I’m not someone that hides from it, I’m also not a Chicken Little. I try to look, when I am able, to look for the better things in life. It’s difficult and sometimes I feel forced to write about topics that I think most, where they may be interested, are not looking for my view.

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