The UK Has Decided on Self Determination. Congratulations.



So the UK voted their conscience and gave the conservative Tory party what is being called a landslide victory in Parliament. The  Liberals  lost to such a great extent   that even Jeremy Corbyn resigned his leadership position. As usual, it came as a complete surpise to the British media, who had predicted a close race. But then, we in the US have experienced that as well, haven’t we? In 2016, just days before the Presidential election, Hillary Clinton was up over Donald Trump by an average of four points. Those media elites were ecstatic that there would be four or eight more years of “Obama”.

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Person Of The Year



So this kid from Sweden became Time Magazine Person of the Year. Wonderful. I had hoped that the protestors in Hong Kong, or even those in France, may have been more seriously considered. The citizens of Hong Kong are going up against a very determined government to silence their protestations for freedom and autonomy, to the government’s consternation that it is spilling out onto the mainland itself. In France, regular working class people, on the weekend (because they work during the week) have been protesting the Macron government for over a year to the point where police are seriosuly injuring some, and even a few have died in confrontations with the police.

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Better, Worse, or No Difference?



A little while ago, I wrote this piece about everyday products, in this case burgers, going vegan or at least vegetarian, Meatless burgers. I wrote that I had tried one brand and that they were actually tasty. Not that I want to give up meat for these, but that there was in fact, nothing wrong with them, from a carnivores perspective. I haven;t bout anymore , mainly because when we go to the store, and I think about it, my daughter gives me a “scrunchy face” which indicates “No”. I asked her why and the response was simple: They’re not meat. None of these products have or even claim to have the protein in a simple four ounce serving that meat does.  Also, as I discovered while doing an Internet search on the subject, that none of these substitutes were healthier than just eating meat.

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Sometimes, It’s Not As Bad As You Think



I would have to say that in general, I’m not a patient, or positive person. I look at a situation, that looks bad, and it’s not so much that I panic, but I tend to look at it negatively and then attempt to avoid resolving it for as long as I can. Of course, the time always comes when I have to address whatever the problem is, directly. that’s something that recently happened t me.

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To Pay or Not to Pay



I’ve been following a a twitter dialogue concerning my friend, godless_mom. Yes, I consider her a friend and I think it’s mutual. I’m a conservative, she’s far, far from me, but it’s interesting that we agree on many things. The dialogue she’s been having with some people online is about her blog posts, which you may view here. She asks for support, via Patreon because, and I know this, writing a blog takes time, and time is money. Depending on the post, it may take several hours to research, then compose. I’ve been there. posts like this one? Well, not much research and kind of off-the-top-of-my-head.

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