Blogging: The Black-and-White TV of the Internet



I like blogging. I really do. Some Days it’s difficult to come up with a topic that interests me in writing about, and that being something I hope my regular readers will enjoy as well, but I make the attempt. I’m not a purveyor of the news cycle, so I am not always up to date as to what is going on around the world. To me, it’s mostly bad news and although I’m not someone that hides from it, I’m also not a Chicken Little. I try to look, when I am able, to look for the better things in life. It’s difficult and sometimes I feel forced to write about topics that I think most, where they may be interested, are not looking for my view.

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Liars: Entitled, and Privileged



My friend Sarah Braasch has a blog. If you’re unaware of it, here’s a link to it. I’ve written quite a few words about what happened to her. I won’t provide the links here, most of you have probably already read my posts. If you haven’t use the “Search” on the homepage here and look her up. I wasn’t going to write anything about her or her situation, at least in the near term. I thought I had said most of what I could for now. But today, she had a post of her emails between herself and Yale that made me respond, “Wow!”.

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It’s Not Always Progress



And now something completely different. I’m so old, I remember Full Service gas stations. For those. that may not know what I’m referring to, there was a time in this country when, needing gas, I’d pull into a station, someone would come out, and I’d tell him (yes, they. were always guys), what grade and how much I needed. He would then pump the gas. I never left the car. He would also clean my windshield (no squeegee back then – a rag and a spray bottle of glass cleaner)  and also pop the hood and check my oil. That was when gas cost less than 40 cents per gallon.

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Atheism Speaks


When I write about atheism, especially my own experience, it’s not to convince anyone of any faith that they should give up what they believe and deconvert to atheism. The real reason is because it’s important for those that are believers that may read this blog to understand that essentially, atheists are no different they they are.  I’m unsure how many of those come here and read because I rarely, if ever, receive any comments on any posts from a believer.

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