Saying What You Think


I originally had a different subject to publish today. I decided not to because I know that what I had written would come across as inflammatory to some and that wasn’t my original intention. Sometimes though, a person has to speak plainly and I think that many of us do not do that on a regular basis.

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Get Notified!


A quick post here to let every know I’ve finally installed a Follow button on the site so that you can receive an email when I have a new post up here. It’s on the main page, on the bottom right. Just click the button and add your email address and you’ll be automatically notified.

Yeah, I know. I could’ve done this a while ago, but I always forget about adding features and it was a commenter today that asked about it. So yes, I took the 10 seconds to add it to the main page.

Coming soon, I will probably be changing my address here as I want to add features that WordPress requires I have my own domain to implement. Stay tuned!

Facebook? Maybe

I’ve been thinking about expanding my Internet presence. The idea is to be able to use other forms of social media to have more views here. Several years ago, I had a Google+ account and it may have helped to attract a few more viewers. I also, for a short time, had a account. Although I can’t be certain if that did anything for readership here, its another vehicle.

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