Atheism Speaks


When I write about atheism, especially my own experience, it’s not to convince anyone of any faith that they should give up what they believe and deconvert to atheism. The real reason is because it’s important for those that are believers that may read this blog to understand that essentially, atheists are no different they they are.  I’m unsure how many of those come here and read because I rarely, if ever, receive any comments on any posts from a believer.

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A Blog About Nothing



Sometimes you just need a break. A day or two, sometimes longer, and that’s why we have vacation days from work. We all need a little break from the day to day, get away if we can, and have some time where we’re not thinking about anything in particular. Blogging isn’t difficult, there’s always something to write about, but on occassion, it’s important to stop typing, and just do something else for a bit to be able to come back stronger.

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Why I Write and You’re Important to the Process


Most of what I do here is provide my readers with my opinion on a subject or various ones depending on what I’m onto at the time. I don’t expect everyone, or anyone, to necessarily agree with me, but hey, it’s my blog and i can say what I want, can’t I? My readers have the same privilege in the comments to disagree with me as they may. i don;t take disagreement personally, in fact, I may actually learn something from someone that doesn’t agree with me.

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