Changing the World, One Idiot at a Time



I won’t compromise what I think is right. I won’t allow others to scream over me, trying to silence my voice, based on what I believe. No one should. The greatesd problems I see in my country today is people willing to be shouted down, and leave the stage, without any recourse to those that would prevent them from speaking, even writing, what they think about in any context. What foes on at the Higher Education level today is a disgrace to all those that fought for that right to speak on any topic, whether it was something generally accepted or not, to anyone that may want to listen.

Today, if a speaker does not conform to what is expected, they tend to be silenced. Not just by the student population, but by the faculty and staff as well. How does that add to any conversation as well as an opportunity to learn? It doesn’t. What we seem to have now are institutions of higher learning, turning out thousands of graduates every year, that are incapable of understanding the real world. They cannot conceive that there are those outside their bubble that may disagree with tem. politically or socially. Think about the “Climate Change” purveyors and tell me how many of those claiming the world is about to end, know anything about climate, much less weather? I would place that number close to zero.

Yet, here they are, out in the streets, protesting to various governments that something needs to be done, although if anyone interviews a smattering of the same, none have any actual solutions. We’re raising a generation of stupid people.  Those that believe morality is more important that facts.  The same never stop to think about what they say, living off the emotional, popular with their friends, ideologies thsat have no basis in science or history.

Climate change is just one issue. Consider that if all 7.5 billion humans disappeared overnight, all the cows that are passing gas, along with the sheep, goats, dogs,  and cats: Would that stem climate change?  Maybe some, but before humans were ever present on this planet, it went through multiple cycles of warming and cooling. Certainly we may help, but ultimately we have no say.

One more on this specific topic: A few years ago, and it was all of the news media, “97% of Climate Scientists” agree that climate change is an imperative we need to deal with now. That survey was sent to some 500 climate scientists worldwide. Those chosen had been peer reviewed and published in journals within the previous five years. The survey received 79 responses. Out of those 79, came the 97%, but that was heralded  worldwide as a confirmation. 79.

The same may be said about anything we read or hear today. Popular social and political themes permeate our daily lives. Before 2014, who ever considered transgenderism?  almost no one but today, it’s a huge social issue that we need to resolve immediately. Forget about the homeless, let’s  make laws to protect mentally ill people that believe they are not the gender they were born. Instead of cleaning up our cities, removing the needles and excrement from our streets, let’s protect those illegals that commit felonies on those same boulevards., in our neighborhoods.

We’re nearing the point, if we haven’t already bypassed it,  living in Idiocracy.

2 thoughts on “Changing the World, One Idiot at a Time

  1. All the tactics, which are used by these useful idiots are learned from Saul Alinsky’s book “Rules For Radicals.” They are taught from a young age in our current era to shout down, diminish, insult, single out and destroy. I may be climbing out on a limb here, but Conservatives, who respect traditions tend to teach their children different.

    The Left attacks before knowing much about the situation, the decision, the proposed bill, etc. Actually, they simply attack even if they know absolutely nothing about what they are outraged over or who is the person that they are outraged about.

    We are seeing this in my area this week; the environmental groups held a press conference about how they are against a proposed air quality study before the state’s first hearing that was to explain it and allow those interested to ask questions.

    I said to my husband that if we farmers had stooped to the tactics that these in-your-face outraged groups have when first the myriad of regulations had been forced upon us 20 years ago, maybe we would have faired better. Now, we are ignored and scorned and it doesn’t matter how much we fail.

    Gotta go…


  2. The original goal has always been to rid Maryland’s Eastern Shore of our Poultry Industries and all tactics have been moving toward that ultimate goal; nudge by nudge, regulation by regulation, shaming by shaming, outrage by outrage.

    It was easier and more efficient to attack the rural areas and the farmers than it was to insist that the cities and sewer plants and the Conowingo Dam clean up their act. But, after we kept upping our commitment to “do our share” they still deem it not enough and the farms are still the problem, according to them.

    Long story, but illustrative of the way the Left operates and uses those who don’t know or don’t bother to find out as their useful idiots, who do the demonizing work upon their fellow citizens in a self-righteous manner of those who are very “woke” and consider everyone else to be beneath them.

    How is that useful idiot woman, who glued her breasts to the pavement outside Goldman-Sachs?


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