It’s Not Funny, It’s Animal Cruelty




There are days when I come to believe that society is going to hell in a hand basket. Some of the things I see on social media makes me wonder what people are actually thinking when they post. In this instance, I’m referring to a short video that seems to have gone viral of a man on the street giving a cat a kick down the sidewalk. No, I’m not going to link it because it’s awful. He leans down to stroke the cat, then, suddenly boots the cat several feet down the walkway. He thinks it’s funny.

What’s worse is his friend, taking the video, believes it’s funny as well. I guess  neither considered what they just participated in, at least everywhere I’ve ever lived in this country, is a crime. No, the cat didn’t appear to be badly injured, but of course how would anyone know? It’s still animal cruelty and for some reason people think it’s not only okay to do these kinds of things, but to post them online. I know where I live right now, that’s a least a night in jail and a fine, not a small fine, if caught. Whats really strange is that people record themselves in the acts and post them. In the video. there’s maybe a second where the guys’ face can be seen.

In the era of the smartphone, people take all sorts of video of themselves doing what may be considered a crime. Or, some other person will take the video, a third party witness, and the perpetrator doesn’t seem to care.  When a person with friends record themselves. it should say something more than what has gone wrong with society. These people have to actually be stupid to think they will get away with what they’ve done.

This guy may get away with it. I hope he doesn’t and I hope that when he’s arrested, the fine is large enough to make him think about ever doing something like that again. Then there may be actual jail time as well, depending on where he resides. Is there some sort of thrill involved, being cruel to an animal or another person and posting it online? Are there points awarded for being an idiot? If so, there’s a lot of winners out there. Risking a possible felony animal cruelty charge for popularity among friends is probably one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen.


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