Why Do Atheists Perpetuate Division?



What’s going on within atheism? Why does it seem that every time it looks like there’s some sort of truce or at least cease fire, that something else (more than one thing?) pops up and starts another seemingly never-ending argument, over nothing much as it often turns out to be. I recently read this piece from Atheist Revolution that had me wondering what in the heck the problem is now? I’m glad Jack didn’t go into it, whatever it is, but just stated for the record that there always seems to be something that offends one group of atheists  or another.

I honestly do not want to know as it only leads to exhaustion attempting to discern why what someone has said, or written, is so terrible that that person, or group, must be denounced. I know I written on the Atheist Schism in the past, in fact in years past, quite a lot, but there was an influential  faction at that time that were attempting to co-opt atheism, in my opinion. Many of us wrote against these same people, although they believed  they were doing what was best for all atheists. That’s one place I’ve often disagreed. No one speaks for me. I appreciate some of the high profile people that are atheists, but their opinions are just that: their opinions. I feel certain these same high profile people may dislike some of my opinions. So what?

It’s not as if atheists are the only ones that have anysort of division. Lot’s of groups do, but when we have an internal disagreement, it seems to become very public and of course just reinforces what those that already have a poor opinion of atheists believe.  I’m not saying we should keep all disagreements secret, but think about it; How many are worth the energy people place into them? today is not 6 years go when that same group made all sorts of accusations against their fellow atheists, even criminal activity. Today it may be the slightest of comments, on social media especially, that draws the ire of some. I have one comment about that: If you don’t like what that person says or comments on, you’re not required to follow them or friend them, or subscribe to any of their content. See how easy that is? Or maybe, and I know this is hard for some people, you could begin a conversation with that same person, without beginning by making any untoward accusations. how refreshing, in society in general, to hold a conversation rather than trying to provoke one another.

It may be too late for many of us, if you’ve noticed, instead of attempting to discuss anything, we’d rather double-down on stupid. It’s also why I’ve always said there is no single atheist community, as some would like to refer to us. We’re diverse and there’s nothing wrong with that. We may view our atheism differently than others. That’s fine. Atheism, at least to me, is personal and not the same as being a religious believer where, whatever sect you belong to, you have to adhere to certain precepts in order to belong.

And we’re no different in believers in that we’re human, and make mistakes in our lives. No one has a special key to morality and no one could  be viewed as more moral than another. We need to get past the idea that some atheists are better than others. when you stop and think about that, it really does sound dumb, doesn’t it?

We each make ourselves what we are, over time, based on different variables of our singular lives. Do we have any more authority to condemn another person, another atheist, simply because that person holds a different view than some others?

Maybe it’s time to stop acting like children and realize that atheism has nothing to do with anything else about a person. Maybe then, just maybe, we can stop attacking one another.




5 thoughts on “Why Do Atheists Perpetuate Division?

  1. I keep wondering why these people who fuss and fight about the “definition of atheism” (I suppose you could call it that) have so much time on their hands. Is this their career, their hobby, their life’s passion?

    I feel like shaking them and telling them to get a life, mow the lawn, mentor a teen, visit a nursing home, play with their kids, clean the house, run for local elected office, join the PTA, something for gawd’s sake to occupy their little minds.

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    • I think it’s the same as it has been for a while. There are those that believe “dictionary atheism” is no longer enough and that atheists should be actively participating in Social Justice issues. Even some of the large organizations here in the US (American Atheists, Freedom From Religion foundation) have bought into this. But I think for them, it’s a way of attracting new members,


  2. I am very much against the yucky attacks on Twitter of complete mockery and downright meanness. This is where humanism comes in. And, speaking of that, I need to talk to you about Letter. DM me when you’re on cuz I have some questions for you.


  3. It’s what happens when political correctness meets atheism. I don’t know if there is a word for it, but it’s so damn ugly, it doesn’t need one. They’re always eager to look for offense & eager to take offense because they choose to be offended by almost anything these days to use as an excuse to stand on their soapbox. And it’s not just those types of atheists, it could also be virtually anyone from the same current malignant ‘progressive’ consensus of PC numb-skulls, cultural relativists and petty censors that seems to have the whole of western society in its clammy grip. Safe space crybabies, finger -wagging diversity fascists, equality nazis, social justice warriors, ‘progressive’ utopians, or whatever they want to call themselves, …they break my conscience out in a rash.


  4. Great post! You’ve got me thinking about many issues related to why there is so much conflict and why it looks so different from how most of us live our lives. I’m working on another post to address this and should have it up soon, with a link back to this post.


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