The UK Has Decided on Self Determination. Congratulations.



So the UK voted their conscience and gave the conservative Tory party what is being called a landslide victory in Parliament. The  Liberals  lost to such a great extent   that even Jeremy Corbyn resigned his leadership position. As usual, it came as a complete surpise to the British media, who had predicted a close race. But then, we in the US have experienced that as well, haven’t we? In 2016, just days before the Presidential election, Hillary Clinton was up over Donald Trump by an average of four points. Those media elites were ecstatic that there would be four or eight more years of “Obama”.

The public is finicky though and is does no good to refer to ones opponents  supporters as  deplorable, nor to take for granted and  ignore those states that have voted your way for so long, that they will continue to do the same. The problem is not with the voters, as those in the media would like us to believe, but with them, that believe they may sway an election one way or another and that voters themselves are unable to see what is going on in their own country. We’re too stupid, and that’s what voters in key states determined in the US in 2016 and gave Donald Trump the victory.

But our elites, three years later, haven’t learned their lesson. They still believe that Hillary Clinton won the Presidency, even though we’re not a Parliamentary system, and never have been, where the person or party eith the greatest number of votes, rules. Three years later, those same in politics, media, entertainment, cannot come to the reasonable conclusion that voters, yes we stupid hoi-poloi, rejected them.  that’s goin on right now in the UK, the difference being that the Tory party swept Parliament.

Right before the vote about the UK remaining inn the EU, I spoke with a couple of friends whom I served with in Iraq. We became friends and kept in contact over the years. Still do today. I asked both of these before the referendum what they thought about it. Neither said they were voting for or against, basically on the fence. One friend did tell me that  the EU was like having a nanny. He gave me teo examples: electric tea kettles  and hair dryers. In both, the EU had decided, because of global warming or something, that tea kettles and hair dryers should have their wattage restricted.

In the end, back in 2016, both voted Leave. It wasn’t surprising to me as I had the impression from both that the middle and working class voters wanted out of the EU. Of course, the elites were all over it, saying that 52-48 percent to leave wasn’t actually a mandate and proceeded over the intervening years to talk about The 48, as if, there were another referendum, that they would actually win, declaring that a four point victory  for Leave was not an actual victory. That’s what the elites do, of course, as we in the US know well.

This week though was decidedly different. The conservative party (Tory) swept the Parliamentary election guaranteeing the the UK will, indeed, leave the EU. What’s next for Britain? Of course the US  has been  negotiating a bilateral trade agreement with the UK for some time. The US is the UK’s largest trading partner. Britain’s unemployment? 3.8 % as of last August. Compare that to France, which is 8.6%. I now believe, based on these election results that a trade agreement will be imminent, beneficial to both countries.

There was a time when Britain  was referred to as Great Britain. We still here in the US refer to you British that way but it’s because, in your history, you did rule the world. Although we, in your former colonies fought and eventually won our independence from you, are laws, our society, is based on that which we learned from you. Canada is another example here in the West.

Every country has the right to self determination, What the EU has done, and does, is take away every member nations  self identification, The British people have voted now, overwhelmingly, to be British and not European. Good for them.



2 thoughts on “The UK Has Decided on Self Determination. Congratulations.

  1. Perhaps when they get their identity back, they will find the strength to tackle their Islamist problem. If not, then their future as a Western nation seems bleak.


    • I’ve been noticing, online, the riots in the streets by the Labour supporters. Remind you of anything? Also there was this tweet from someone in the London area of a Labour MP who was reelected vowing to take the fight with conservatives, “to the streets”. An MP advocating violence. I keep waiting for them to blame “Russian interference” for their loss.

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