Tulsi Gabbard: Honorable Mention


In my recent post of democratic candidates, I left out, on purpose, the lower tier of those running simply because, well, none of them have a chance – or so I believe. One, I’ve mentioned here before though, I actually like. I don’t agree with many of her policy positions, with one exception: let’s end these endless wars, like Afghanistan. Let’s bring our troops home. Who is that? Tulsi Gabbard. Why am I giving her an Honorable Mention? Although she polls low, she still hanging in, for now. Her message is becoming more sophisticated, unlike some of the other candidates. Hoe do I know this?

Well, I see her on Fox News all the time. There’s two evening shows I attempt to watch there when I’m able: Martha McCallum and Tucker Carlson. She’s been on both shows, multiple times, over recent months, It doesn’t appear that we will ever see Biden, Buttigieg, Sanders or Warren there, ever. They get plenty of airtime on the other cable networks where Tulsi doesn’t, and each of these programs average 2 to 2.5 million viewers per evening. Free advertising of her campaign. I’ve seen her on at least one of these shows at least once per week. She’s attempting to appeal to conservatives, like me, especially those, again, like me, that vote as Independent.

In New Hampshire, she garnered 3% of that primary vote. I wonder how much of that is based upon her television appearances? I would think some simply because in Iowa, I think she was at 1%. I think also part of her rise is the accusation from Hillary Clinton, all but saying she’s a Russian agent – and she’s suing Clinton for that as she should.

As I am writing this, a friend just called and asked me if I saw her on Fox this evening. I did  and that’s one reason I decided to write this. Can anyone imagine Elizabeth Warren coming on Fox News? Joe Biden? Maybe “Mayor Pete”, but  they’re getting all they need from the failing MSNBC and CNN. Tulsi in 4minutes had more viewers than any of the others combined all day, I would bet. she’s asking for support from conservatives and independents where none of the others seem to care.

So yes, I give Tulsi Gabbard my Honorable Mention for having the guts not only to appear on Fox News, but in attempting to appeal to non-democratic voters to, as she says.  “Unite America”.

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