Feeling “The Bern” Yet?


So it appears right now that Sen. Bernie Sanders has the momentum for the Democratic nomination going into South Carolina and then, 3 days later, “Super Tuesday”.  It’s actually amusing to watch those on the cable networks (especially the left-wing ones: CNN, MSNBC) have a tantrum about a “socialist” receiving the nomination. Heck, it even appeared to me, watching the results of the Nevada Caucus, that MSNBC was going full #NeverBernie. I don’t think I’ve seen so many “journalists” and pundits lose their minds since Trump won the 2015 election of Clinton. then, nothing’s a done deal until the last votes are counted, but indications show that Sanders may even win South Carolina, which was supposed to be Joe Biden’s “firewall”. The pools show them neck-and-neck.

Polls though, as we all know, are not necessarily predictive of actual outcome as we saw in the general election in 2016. So there’s a long way to go but, as a conservative, I really don’t see any of the current Democrats overtaking Sanders.  Of course, there are conservatives hoping for a Trump/Sanders election believing that Americans, overall, will reject Sander’s socialist agenda. Here’s what I say: Don’t get cocky! It’s not just about overall turnout, but turnout in specific states, as we saw in 2016. Even though Clinton had 3 million more votes, it was the 77,000 total in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania that gave Trump the presidency. Bernie Sanders in 2020 could become the Trump of 2016.

Those same people on television are now (hoping?, wishing?) for a contested/brokered convention this summer. I think that may turn out to be a disaster for democrats, more so if Sanders goes into the convention with a plurality of delegates and is denied the nomination. I believe that with a certain amount of conviction that Sander’s supporters would not show up in November. That’s the dilemma of betting on #NeverBernie. The real worry is that if Sanders is nominated that the democrats will lose the House and not be able to take control of the Senate. I don’t think it matter who in the current top contenders are nominated, the idea of tasking complete control of Congress is, well, wishful thinking. None of the others are “moderates” as some on television would have us believe. No not even Joe Biden, just listen to what he’s said about some of the issues. Sorry, he’s no Barack Obama. It appears that democrats want someone that’s different than the status-quo, establishment, as did republicans in 2016. Even though Sanders has been in Washington, well, forever, he’s clearly not an establishment democrat.

No other democrat in the field draws crowds like Bernie Sanders. Recently in Seattle, it was estimated he spoke to a crowd of over 17,000. See ya, Lizzy Warren, “Mayor (in name only) Pete”, Joe Biden, Amy Klobuchar. Bloomberg? The Last Great Hope of the television punditry? He’ll spend a billion of his own money in television advertisements, helping out those local stations with their bottom line but I expect will not see better than second place anywhere on Super Tuesday. He may be a brilliant businessman but has the personality of a rock (sorry rocks!). where all of the others have had to build their state to state ground game, Bernie Sanders has had his in place 9and growing) since 2016.

I can’t predict what’s going to happen in the near future but, well, heck, I can’t do any worse than those that get paid for their predictions can I?  What thought of the Trump candidacy when he announced in June of 2015? I couldn’t have been any more wrong. He drew huge crowds everywhere, like Bernie does now. If I were a prognosticator, here’s how I’d place the next week or so. Bernie has a close win South Carolina or comes in a close second to J.oe Biden. For Super Tuesday?  Sanders wins, outright, CA, CO, TX, ME, NC, UT, VT (of course). MA is Warrens state but, they may give up on her*how shattering would that be, not winning your own state?), the same with MN. If Klobuchar is not a viable candidate will they go for Sanders? It’s a very liberal state. The remainder, for me are up in the air., OK? I can’t see them going for Sanders the same as AL VA,  or TN – but as usual, I may be wrong. The Bern, may be as infectious as the coronavirus .

Maybe there’ll be a “Draft Hillary” campaign. I’ve heard that but why would democrats want to put up a two-time loser (Obama 2008, Trump 2016) but, well, who knows how desperate, especially the ’Establishment Democrats” will become to prevent Bernie Sanders from achieving the democratic nomination. It’s clear, at least through the left-wing media, that it’s happening now. that, i believe, will only envourage more people who were on the fence about sanders, to vote for him. no one likes the media to tell them who to vote for. They’re all idiots, with “agents”. It’s not new, it’s Infotainment. I think at least the majority of us are too smart to fall for that. Well. i hope we are.

Here’s what I’ve been saying for a while: Bernie Sanders is a true believer, unlike any of his current competetion that will say anything to get votes. Democrats wanted a staunch anti-Trump candidate. Well, you have him, front and center.

2 thoughts on “Feeling “The Bern” Yet?

  1. It’s a shame that the Democrats haven’t learnt anything from the U.K. Labour Party and the mistake that was Corbyn. The Democrats need someone more centre left, if they are to trump Trump.


  2. The DNC and loyal Dems have a decision to make should “Crazy Bernie” win the Dem Nomination. Do they truly desire a Communist America and all the damage that entails to private property, capitalism, a rather free market, private business ownership and control, Wall Street, IRAs and pensions supported through stock investments, agriculture experts growing everyone’s food, individual choice, and an end to the Bill of Rights and Constitution? Or would they rather “endure” another term from Trump and try again to persuade the majority to consider them a viable alternative for the nation, even if they swerve to center right to avoid another Socialist/Communist candidate?

    I mean, what do Dems want? Who are they really? If they want their country to be a Socialist/Communist nightmare…well okay. But I don’t think a majority want that. There are some diehards that always have and there are some new fools, who apparently don’t know a damn thing about Socialism/Communism, or who do not care how America is destroyed, only that it is destroyed.

    Sanders is very dangerous and the only good thing is that stupid people rarely actually get out and vote. The bad thing is that some that are Conservative or Republican hate Trump for reasons, which they seem unable to articulate, and they will choose to not vote for that reason, even if they do not vote for Sanders.

    No doubt there will be violence as the campaign progresses, but dear gawd, what after the election between Sanders and Trump, no matter who wins? Bernie’s rabid followers have already promised “blood in the streets” should he not get the DNC nomination, so “somebody help us” if he loses the election to Trump.

    Let us hope for one thing, that the Covid19 epidemic does not swell to pandemic proportions and that early warm weather will knock it down for this year, at least. Further economic woe for the global community and/or for America could cost Trump the election, even though he hasn’t anything to do with the cause, because people tend to blame the current administration for any economic downturn that occurs under its watch. It is going to be bad enough if there is no additional spreading, as it is.

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