The Democratic Conundrum: Biden or Sanders?


If you’re in one of the states voting today, which has been called by the media “mini-Super Tuesday” who will you end up voting to be the Democratic nominee  in the residential election this year? It seems clear that Joew Biden has a clear advantage. Why? He’s the safe bet. Why do I say that? He has no new ideas, and his campaign, the little I’ve seen of it, looks backwards to the Obama/Biden days, and doesn’t really have any substantial proposals for anything. People like that. They dislike radical change, which is what Bernie Sanders is proposing. Sanders wants to eliminate college debt, make public universities and colleges tuition free, provide healthcare for all, and is not afraid to talk about it and how he’s going to pay for his %55 trillion in expenditures over the next decade.

At least Sanders has proposals. You won’t, and haven’t in a while, see Joe Biden for more than 15 minutes at any campaign stop, and if you happen to see him, he’s ranting and raving about something that not a single person attending is able to translate into an english sentence. does that mean I am advocating for Sanders? Do you realize what site your on? No, I’m not advocating for Bernie at all, it’s just that most people that I talk to find Biden to be the one that could beat Trump in November. Sanders’ radical ideas will either alienate the vast majority of democrats in November to the extent that they will just stay at home, knowing that (most) independents and an overwhelming majority of republicans will vote for Trump.

But Sanders’ platform, at least in the primary, appeal to a lot of people as well. It’s all about turnout. Right now, it looks by all indications that Biden will take the majority of delegates tonight, but then, as we all know, polls can ve very wrong. Will tonight be a knockout blow for Bernie? We’ll have to wait and see but it seems inventible currently, that Biden will become the nominee (the Safe Bet). Michigan is thebig state for tonight and by all predictions, Biden will win there in double digits. But we’ve been there before (2016). How did that turn out?

How about the age of both of these candidates? Does anyone realize that neither Biden or Sanders are even “Boomers”? We’re talking political prehistory here. Voters though, rejected the new generation of democrats, for some reason, and so what they see is what they will get.

I’ve also noticed, since Elizabeth Warren’s departure, many in the media decrying there are no women running anymore. Hello? Tulsi Gabbard anyone? She’s still running but it appears the DNC is trying to cut her out. They just changed the debate rules again so that no one, this coming Sunday, will see her onstage with Biden and Sanders. I’d place a bet right now that she would absolutely destroy Biden, and make Sanders look foolish. Yes, she’s that smart.

So it looks like the choice for democrat voters will be an empty sack and a radical progressive and it looks right now they’d rather have the empty sack. Personally, as a conservative, and someone that would never consider voting for either of these last two, to see something more from democrats. Honestly? I don’t vote for party, but for the person, but I have to admit that the democratic party has gone so far to the left that out of the original 20 or so candidates running? None of those would have received my vote.Did no one notice how they all seemed to try to out-progressive each other in the early days?

I have to say it’s been interesting and the upcoming debate this Sunday (Anyone other than me notice that? Why Sunday all of a sudden? Maybe to more easily be able to cover the Biden gaffes because no one will be watching?) will probably not do anything to advance either candidate. It seems that no matter what, democrats would rather have an empty sack in the Oval. Office over any other democrat out there. Too bad.

One thought on “The Democratic Conundrum: Biden or Sanders?

  1. This day’s voting should end Sanders, I am thinking. And if it does that means that Democrat voters do not want a Communist for a President, either, or Socialism for their grandchildren. The DNC will control Biden, which is what they and other elites want in a President.


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