Cancel Me. I Don’t Care


I do want to write something concerning the pandemic and how it’s affecting everyone that I know, and mostly everyone I don’t know. But not this time. I want to go back to a theme yo’ve seen here before: Sarah Braasch. Okay, maybe you’re exhausted hearing from me about Sarah and I honestly don’t blame you, I think everyone, well, maybe I hope, that those that have read the numerous posts I’ve written about her have sparked something with my readers. That spark should be that no one should be accused without due process.

That’s what happened to Sarah. She lives in anonymity currently because it seems to be impossible for her to get a fair hearing, from anyone.  That’’s sad. It’s not that she’s been accused of murder or pedophilia. No. it was racism,  Sarah became the poster-girl for white nationalism to those that believed what they were told, by the media. The problem is, and was is that none of these in the media took a moment to stop, and ask any questions as to whether that charge was true or not. It’s really the sad case of media today. Listen to what they say, believe none of it. In fact, media has the least approval ratings among all Americans ever.

Remember the Nick Sandman case? This 16 year old that was trashed by the media as being “racist” towards a Native American, Vietnam Veteran? When the truth cam out, a couple days later, how many apologizes dod any of  us see from that same medias? None. In fact, The Washington Post settled with him. I hope that was for several million and this young man will never have to worry about his future. And that’s just one of several media outlets  being sued. I hope he becomes  the youngest billionaire in history. I hope these media outlets have to file bankruptcy. Tomorrow,.

So why won’t  these same take up Sarah’s case? In my view , it’s as simple as the Nick Sandman case, but I’m not a lawyer.I can’t imagine being labeled a racist and then having media, worldwide, propagate that to millions of people sans evidence other than a highly edited video of an encounter, which a six year old would be able to determine is edited content.

Sarah is just one case of where the mob may ruin, or at least attempt to ruin, your life. There are plenty of examples out there: Heather Heying, Peter Boghossian, just to name two.  These are academics and by not allowing their speech to be throttled by their administrations, have been either fired (Heying) or limited in their ability by the university(Boghassian)  in what they may or may not say/do publicly. The latest victim in academia is Bo Winegard, who was fired from his tenure-track position for having the wrong associations and for studying the wrong subjects – those that offend the sensibilities of the Woke Left.  None of this is new by the way. We only know about these because of the advent of social media. These types of academic castrations have been going on for decades.

Now we see the same happening almost daily, for ordinary people o social media that portray Wrong think. Saying you don’t believe in Hate Crime legislation, as Sarah does, places a person squarely on the list of white nationalist/racists. Exactly what defines a hate crime? It’s for what we’re told are protected classes. Why are we protecting one person above another? Isn’t every assault or murder equally abhorrent and should be punished equally? Why do our legislators believe that some deserve more protection than the rest of us? You kill someone, you go to prison, maybe for the rest of your life. It shouldn’t matter their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity. And yet we live in a society, quickly becoming farcical as the movie Idiocracywhere we have our leaders making decisions that are literally idiotic. Sound familiar? Watch the movie yourself and tell me whether or not this movie is exactly what we’re seeing in society today.

We talk about Cancel Culture and I’ve written about it. I believe we need to end this now. Personally, I don’t care. Please, please, attempt to cancel me. Try to get me fired from a non-existent job. Maybe have WordPress lock me out of this blog. Have Twitter ban me. I don’t care. I believe the more of us that are truly Freethinkers that decide to to tell the truth, the less we’ll be witness to recent events. Those that refer to themselves as “freethinkers” are no more than the fascists they accuse the rest of us to be. They want to control not only our speech, but what we view on TV and see in movies. We’re in trouble and it’s been people like Sarah Braasch who’ve fought for years against this that are now being intimidated, by those same liberal, free thought types.  How does being an advocate for civil rights, around the world, label someone as a racist as Sarah has been? Think about it. Consider what you would do if you were suddenly accused of something that was entirely fabricated by far left-wing people that have no conscience?

Instead of looking for a reason to dislike someone, how about we find a way to engage those in honest discussion? Unless we begin to approach each other, no matter the political or social ideology, with the idea of having purposeful discourse, we are doomed to a society that is no longer a society, but groups of ideologues, tribes, that commit ideological war against each other.


One thought on “Cancel Me. I Don’t Care

  1. “Exactly what defines a hate crime? It’s for what we’re told are protected classes. Why are we protecting one person above another?”

    FYI, protected classes are categories, i.e., “sex”, “race”, “religion.” So all women, blacks, and Jews belong to a protected class, but so do all men, whites, and Christians to those respective classes.

    That being said, hate crime is a pernicious concept, one anathema to our system of law.

    If we sentence someone to five years for beating up another person in random mayhem, but seven years for doing so out of hatred for that person’s race, we’ve decided that hatred alone deserves two year’s punishment. On its own, the harboring or even expression of hatred toward a race is not a crime [although many nowadays would like it to be one.]

    The rationale is that a hate crime against an individual of a given class indirectly and negatively affects the entire class. But this line of reasoning makes a mockery of the legal principle of Proximate Causation and of “But For” tests.


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