Alyssa Milano’s Very Bad Day


There are somedays when someone creates a storm on Twitter that just makes my day. It’s especially fun to  witness a person who has claimed to fight for something – justice –  become a complete hypocrite in less than five minutes. I’m referring to Alyssa Milano, the actress famous for the Charmed series so years ago who has been outspoken in the #MeToo movement. As many are aware, former vice president Joe Biden has been accused by a former staffer of sexual assault in 1993. You may not be aware of this because it’s never been broadcast on any of the mainstream networks, nor have any mainstream news sources picked up the story. Odd, isn’t it?

Yes, it’s an old allegation and it comes down to she said, he said, but in the shadow of the Bret Kavanaugh hearings in 2018 when then judge, now Justice Kavanaugh had to vociferously defend himself agains similar charges  and was discussed ad nauseam on TV for weeks, as well as numerous stories in the newspaper, it just seems like someone’s getting preferred treatment based on  their political party/views. Enter Alyssa Milano who recently tweeted:

I explained my silence on the allegations against Joe Biden in this clip.

I am still endorsing @JoeBiden. Listen to this clip to find out why.

I won’t include the clip. It’s nonsense compared to her previous activism. It doesn’t stop there though. she began to be questioned, well, I guess she would call it being “attacked” for her position. What was her response?

I believe, along with many others in this space, that accusations need to be investigated with due process for the accused. This is the only way for the movement to work & create the change we are fighting for.

Anything less puts the entire movement and women’s equality at risk.

That apparently wasn’t important during the Kavanaugh hearings. She should know because she was there.  Of course the fallout continued, incessant mocking after the above statement was enough to drive her away from Twitter for a little while. Of course, her former co-star, Rose McGowan, had a words for Alyssa that can be summed up in these few words:

…I think she’s a lie.

Although I agree with Ms. Milano that people accused of these types of crimes should be investigated, and given due process, it’s funny to me that it only applies to your political familiars and that the same should not be accorded to those you may oppose.

It really is a shameful demonstration, nothing that conservatives have not seen before. As one journalist summed the events of the day, RIP, #MeToo.



2 thoughts on “Alyssa Milano’s Very Bad Day

  1. Joe doesn’t look real in this photo. Maybe if he were lying down in a funeral parlor, but still…those teeth, those eyes, the skin tone. Gives me the shivers.


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