Want to Support Worldwide Atheism? Join IAA



It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything. I apologize to my readers but as we are all experiencing during this pandemic, we all are dealing with our own issues. It’s not that I haven’t had ideas to blog about, topics that have come to mind. So, now that, in my household, at least some issues have resolved themselves, I thought I should get back to the keyboard.

I’m disappointed. As an  Atheist, I can’t find a single organization that I can believe that their mission is to support atheists. I think about those I’ve belonged to; American Atheists and Freedom From Religion Foundation. But both of those have become more political and, in my opinion, less an Atheist activism organization than people that want to push some version of Social Justice. If you recall, I joined IAA a few months ago. Why? Well, one of the founders, Courtney Heard, I am very familiar with, and her co-founder, Bridget Guadett, is a well known activist in atheist circles. As you may know, I was skeptical of this new organization. Do we really need another “Atheist” organization? Good grief, how many are there already out there? Once, though, Courtney and Bridget defined their mission more completely, I decided I could do nothing else but join and support them.

What’s different? Well, IAA does exactly what they say – we’re helping atheists around the world whether those people are in danger of being arrested in their own countries or just needing support that allows children to receive a secular education. Yes, we raise and donate money to those causes that promote freedom for many who do not have a voice where they live.

IAA  have also partnered with other atheist organizations around the world, in order that we, here in the privileged west, may know and be able to support those in countries whose lives are in peril – and that covers a lot of people, by the way. What do we do with monies donated? Look no further than here. Transparency, is a good thing when you’re donating money to an organization. How many others do you know of that blog about anything like this. None of them do this. What and why am I blogging here about? I would like to see many more atheist abandon the old, elitist, political, SJE, organization’s  and jpin us here at IAA. $25 a year will help atheists around the world . Yes, we’re all in tough times right now but if you can afford a large pizza twice a month, then you can join IAA for a year.

Let’s support an apolitical, atheist-oriented organization. Think about how much good will be accomplished by your small memership. There’s 10 million atheists in the US alone! Can’t we find 2 or 3 thousand here that would want to help not only them selves, but atheists in countries around the world?  Please go here, and join now.

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