Is it Possible to Just be Told the Truth?

I’m not sure what to believe anymore. Should I now start beliving the world Health Organization (WHO) concerning the corona virus? A tweet I recently read:

So someone tell me, now that the world has turned upside down and inside out what the real truth is that we’re supposed to believe? Look, most of us are adults and can take it. We may not like what we hear but at least we won’t be hearing a version that doesn’t make any sense on a weekly basis. Take the link above. Brew a pot of coffee or tea or whatever else you enjoying imbibing and read that essay (it’s long). It’s a question that remains in a lot of people’s minds and what we’re seeing from government, around the world, is nothing less than tyranny.

The world is reacting and not in the way scientists and world leaders expect. Instead of complying, people in many countries are beginning to say enough! and tell their government they are not going to obey ridiculous rules that haven’t made any sense because, almost weekly, we hear something different. Heck, we even had over 1,000 epidemiologists sign a letter in the summer telling the world that being outside in, close quarters, masks or no, was fine if you were protesting for social justice, but if you were out gathering for any other reason, you were guilty of becoming a super-spreader.

Think science took a wee bit of a hit on that? Wonder why when the people on the news talk about what scientists are saying that the channel gets changed? this is not a case of do what I say, not what I do, as it seems to be playing out every day with our elected officials, and those that have learned to spell science, if not employ its methodology. to be blunt, there’s no reason anyone should be confused now. Sure, in the early days of the virus, everyone was trying to figure out what the right thing to do was, but now, months later when we at least should know better how the virus is spread, we seem to still receive conflicting information. Here’s one: how long does the virus remain active on surfaces? We keep hearing different answers.

Angry much? Yeah, I’d say so and I know I’m not alone in my anger, which is really more frustration. We can’t stay locked down forever, even partially. How many businesses are already gone, permanently and how many more will be gone by the end of the year? Yes, things will change to become the New Normal, it would be nice to know, have an idea, of what those changes might be but as things are currently, we won’t know what will be going on next month much less next year. I’m not even sure we’ll have regular airline service in a few months as our major carriers are now talking about significant layoffs by the end of this month unless they get a serious bailout from our government. I just read about more theaters closing down meaning that the days of going out to the movies may be over. What’s next?

So how about a serious sit down with a lot of honesty?

UPDATE: After I initially put this to bed, an update from the CDC came out. Another change in how the virus is/isn’t/may be transmitted.

2 thoughts on “Is it Possible to Just be Told the Truth?

  1. The Chinese knew that the world would be crippled by this virus when they covered it up. But they lied and they lied and they lied again. And they’re still lying now. And despite the best efforts of fake news media and the corrupt World Health Organization to shield them from blame, the whole world can see what these people have done, how irresponsible and how dishonest they have been, and they have lost face. Ohhh have they ever.

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  2. We cannot slit our own throats to keep us safe from SARS-CoV2.

    I will always believe that the PRC designed this corona virus and unleashed it on the world after it escaped the Wuhan lab. They covered it up and lied repeatedly. They bought up all the masks and other protection things. I hope the world will make them pay in one way or another.

    The vulnerable must protect themselves and the rest must get back to normal as much as possible.

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