Stop Being a Lemming

Most of the time, I don’t really care what people have to say because, if they’re like me, their opinion is based on a bias of some sort. Opinions are just that and nothing more. What my readers see here is mostly my opinion. I attempt, when necessary to use evidence for that opinion, but sometimes that evidence doesn’t exist – at least not in a form that may convince anyone else. It’s always problematic, even in the hard sciences, because there are always some outliers that can use essentially the same evidence and come to a completely different conclusion.

That’s not necessarily bad but it raises the question as to what any of us can believe. It’s become that way during the pandemic. Certain voices are heard more than others, therefore the public will accept what they’re being told by those voices. It doesn’t mean that those people are right, or that they’re wrong. It’s just a fact and we’re conditioned to accept certain things on faith, especially if the source is authoritative. Mostly though, we’re only seeing a part of the whole and seeing only what some want us to see. Debate is no longer allowed because we’ve been told by the experts what we are to believe. It doesn’t matter that theirs an entire congress of experts that may disagree, we’re not allowed to hear from them. Even social media sites like YouTube and Facebook are taking down posts because these are not part of the doctrine we’re supposed to learn.

Some people have what may only be assumed to be a religious fervor towards these opinions and a demand that their opinion be enforced by law. That’s why we’ve been seeing people arrested for walking in a park with their kids and not being masked. the same people have convinced media to sponsor PSA’s on television about saving lives. We’re quickly moving towards an authoritarian government at all levels. We even have neighbors spying on each other to ensure the government edicts are being acceded to.

This is the current state of our country. All is not lost though because as soon as we kick Trump out of office next month, the pandemic crisis will end. sound silly? Look at what date some states have mandated for opening. Yes, it’s the election. As soon as Biden is elected, even before he takes office, New york, California, Michigan, and a few other states will suddenly announce that the pandemic is essentially over and it’s time to get back to normal. Whatever that will mean since they will have destroyed their economies for probably decades. Of course, there’s no guarantee of the outcome and therefore the metaphorical beatings will continue until we’re all too exhausted to fight back.

I’m not trying to send anyone into depression nor am I calling for revolution. I’d just like more people to begin to think for themselves and especially, question authority. Just remember, how many times we’ve all heard on thing during this pandemic, then a week or so later, something completely different. Yes, it’s still going on it’s just not being reported as much as it used to be because the media have already decided who we should be listening to and of course, present anything else as being uninformed or even dangerous. Anyone that questions is a monster and possibly a murderer. It’s an obscene act to question. Until after the election of course.

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