Indoctrination into the New Normal

Remember last year when ther were people telling all of us we would have to get used to a new normal due to the pandemic? Oh, by the way, Happy New Year to everyone. Yes, we were told that out lives would probably change in certain ways, forever. It’s not that there are new laws on the books, at least none where I live. There are some Executive Orders though that restrict what people may or may not do inside and outside the home. where I live, there are no mandates – yet, but I suspect it won’t be long before my Governor is forced to take some extra steps, even if temporary, attempting to throttle the spread of the virus.

There are plenty of states which have used, to a degree, draconian measures to flatten the curve (does anyone still use that phrase?) as we are being told in those same areas, hospitals are overflowing and infection rates are skyrocketing. So what good has it done to inflict even more distress on people when it appears that the virus doesn’t care which businesses are open or forcibly shut? Well, look around at states that are mostly open to those that are the opposite; virtually no difference in infection rates, hospitalizations, or deaths. That doesn’t please some in government that want to have the economy completely shut down until the virus is either eradicated or at least under control. Yes, let’s cause as much irreparable devastation to the country as we can because, you know, safety first.

I saw some of the interview Dr. Fauci had on Meet the (de)Press(ed) and thought, What a sanctimonious piece of crap. I mean, really, why anyone pays attention to him anymore is completely unknown to me. He’s already acknowledged lying to the public about the pandemic and now seems to be perfectly happy with his “I told you so” attitude towards what is currently going on. At this point, it’s all about television appearances and magazine covers I think. none of the elites in government seem to care much about what is happening to the average person/family. Everywhere we look, we see the signs of the new normal.

Almost every commercial on television shows nearly everyone wearing a mask. I saw one recently where it appeared this woman was working from home, in a room by herself, wearing a mask. Of course the entertainment programs are all capitalizing off of the pandemic as well with actors wearing masks and social distancing except when neither of those fit the plot. In other words, we’re being slowly indoctrinated into a new behavior that is acceptable to our elite overlords. Thios that complain, are responsible for all the deaths we’ve been experiencing (except for those thousands that rioted over the summer) and being anti-mask is now equivalent to being a holocaust or climate denier: you’re instantly cancelled even though there’s absolutely no scientific evidence that any of these measures do anything at all to mitigate infection. We’re supposed to believe the science, right? Please publish the science concerning infection and transmission. There should be a lot of data by now, right?

So it’s not surprising that over time, people have been convinced on the right thing to do even though no one has bothered to present the evidence. Trust us, they are saying, We know what’s best for you. I recently read an essay that proposed continuing to wear masks, post pandemic. Not surprising with all of the effort in place to condition the public to wear masks anyway. Why not just continue to be responsible when the pandemic is over? Which of course raises the most pertinent question: How will we know when we’re post pandemic?

Some good things have occurred. You can now have almost anything delivered to your door. In my small-ish city, pre-pandemic we could have pizza delivered. Now, even the burger joints will deliver. Pretty much anything I can think of can be delivered: Cars, car parts, general hardware, and recent to my community, same day grocery delivery. Even booze. Telemedicine is growing. Government wants us to stay inside, and now there’s almost no reason to leave the house. Maybe that’s not so good.

I know that if the pandemic ended tomorrow that there will be effects from it for now on. Once people have become used to lifestyle changes, as we have previously (think 9/11 and traveling) then there will be no reason to return to the “good ol’ days”, when kids actually left the house to go to school, and more people worked outside the home than from home. How about going out to dinner? Movie theaters? Shopping malls will also become something future generations will only know about from books (if they learn how to read).

I think the aliens are waiting to invade our world until we’re all locked behind our doors too afraid of a sniffle to interact with others.

One thought on “Indoctrination into the New Normal

  1. When our war with China happens overnight at some future date, I guess we might not even take note of that either. Just a shift in overlords.


    Move out to the country, to those places where the Deplorables roam, where they might wear masks to shop for supplies and to be nice, but are still bent on doing their own thing on their own time. I don’t know what is going to happen, but I don’t think most of them are going to abandon the American Experiment.

    Blessings upon you, Jim. Keep on pondering.



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