Capitol Preparing for Massive Rebellion?

Has anyone noticed the extreme security measures being implemented in Washington in preparation for the Inaugural next week? They’ve added concertina wire to a supposedly non-scalable fence around the capitol building as well as beought in as many as 30,000 armed (meaning rifles with ammunition) National Guard to protect the swearing in, The linked article says 20,000 but I’ve also read 30,000. Wow. Does their intelligence support the need for this or is this just a reaction to January 6? Do they expect 10’s of thousands of Trump supporters to create chaos? I’m unsure but it appears that way.

Trump won’t even attend the event so why would any supporters show up just to cause trouble? We won’t actually know until the day arrives but I suspect most Trump supporters will just stay home. It doesn’t seem like the event is going to be much anyway so there won’t really be much to be there to protest. I hope that no one from the opposition shows up. Remember in 2016 when there were, I think 67 members of Congress that refused to attend Trump’s swearing in?

I’ve also seen photos of Washington itself preparing by boarding up businesses? Are they really expecting riots and looting from Trump supporters? I ask again if they have intelligence to support this kind of reaction. Remeber during the election, in several cities, businesses boarded up waiting on the results of the election fearing if Biden lost. Well, as it turned out, Trump lost. We thousands out in the street smashing, burning, and looting? No, that’s what the left does (like a toddler) when they lose.

I will honestly be very surprised if there is any violent activity during the inauguration or immediately afterwards. It won;t change the outcome and, just like on Janusary 6, the media will paint anyone, anywhere, that supports Trump as a domestic terrorist and insurrectionist. Of course when antifa and BLM were smahing, burning, looting last summer, remember how they were characterizwd by the media? Mostly peaceful protestors while the cameras showed buildings engulfed in fire. So anyone expecting fair treatment by the media can forget it. also think about this: the FBI has launched the largest investigation in it’s history into the events of January 6, and are intent on prosecuting anyone there.

Remember all of the fire bombers, looter, etc. from last summer? Hundreds of them were caught on camera, and how many arrests have been made? Okay the FBI isn’t necessarily involved in all cases but what about the attack on the Federal Courthouse n Portland? Any arrests on federal “insurrection” or “domestic terrorism” charges? Pleas let me know if you know because I can’t find any information that informs me that there were just these type of arrests.

So if you are in the area (or of you’re not) and feel compelled to waste a day of your time,,please don’t start anything you will definitely regret. Don’t get into an argument with anyone, Don’t dress provocatively, meaning anything that would indicate you are a Trump supporter (NO MAGA HATS!) and no signage at all. Just show up, go home. Make them look foolish for all the paranoid expenditures. I really can’t imagine anyone wanting to attend this at all, I’ve read there won’t even be a parade. That’s right, it’ll be “virtual” . So why not just have a small gathering inside the capitol building, do the swearing in, and everyone go home. Surely Biden doesn’t want to create a super-spreader event with his supporters, or does he?

We can all watch it on television. I might just to see if Biden can make it through the oath without using a teleprompter.I may even have a party. Of course, I’ll do the right thing and keep the number in my home at 10 or less and I’ll ,make sure we’re all socially distanced and masked. Maybe not.

One thought on “Capitol Preparing for Massive Rebellion?

  1. Since there are planned protests at each state capitol, there is bound to be enough disruption to go around. I just hope people do not go armed. I would prefer they not go at all, because it is reasonable to assume that they will be set up. It is just such a mess.

    Heavy sigh….


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