Back to Normal? Not so Fast.

It’s funny. Well maybe not. The numbers of “journalists” I’ve noticed online attacking other people for having supported the Trump agenda in the past, and how certain opinions should not be allowed to be aired. I’m not referring to anything racist or anti-semitic, the Democratic party already has that covered in their caucus., but conservative thought and opinion.

It’s actually somewhat terrifying to see some people, people that claim to be part of the fourth estate, push for voices to be cancelled. I’m not just speaking about those that are liberal or progressive, but there are many that claim the mantle of conservatism that would love no more than to witness every vestige of President Trump burned to the ground (that’s figurative). They hated Trump so much that some, like John Brennan, former CIA Director under Obama, has made some very scary statements about Trump and his supporters.

It’s a terrible time and I do not see anything getting better because there is so much bitterness on both sides. Right now, the left has the upper hand, or so it appears, but wait until they are on the blunt end of the stick with the domestic Terrorism bill being proposed. Yes, they expect to shut down all dissent, mostly from the right-wing but who is it in Seatlle and Portland still rioting? Yeah, it’s not the right-wing. how about the PC of Seattle coming out and basically saying “enough” when for months, thrughthe summer and fall, these same people allowed mayhem in their own city? Now that Biden is president they want to crack down? Too little to late, saps.

There won’t be an attempt at real unity until at least 2022 when there’ll be a good chance that people will be sick of one-party rule and “normal” will actually have a chance to take hold.

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