Disaster After Disaster: Are Democrats Wishing to Wag the Dog?

It’s been a while. In fact, my last post here was February 24 (okay, I did a quick post earlier today, but this was originally going to be my first). I was considering giving all of this up and for a while, it was nice to take a break but I always thought that after a few weeks, a couple of months at most, I’d be back. I really never considered it would be nearly six months. I can’t say for certain, as I have before after taking a break, that I’m back for good, but I’d like to be because there’s so much to say and not nearly enough people writing about any of it (snark). I’m certain you can find better writing and more elucidating opinions elsewhere so don’t feel obligated to come here unless you are looking for a possible contrarian perspective on a topic somewhere in the news.

Remember when the Russian invasion of Ukraine dominated the news daily? Now, it’s almost a footnote on any online media if it even makes it that hight up the news cycle. Even some of the latest, where there seems to have been huge explosions in the Crimea indicating some possible attack by Ukraine into that occupied territory, has hardly been mentioned. Also, an hour or two north of Kyiv, in Belarus, explosions at what is now a Russian air base where they have launched attacks on Ukraine. Hardly a mention anywhere. that’s just in the last couple of days. What about what our president (puppet) Joe Biden has said about Ukraine in recent days? Nothing. Of course he seems to be concentrating on getting a huge spending bill passed that will benefit those climate alarmists, and according to him, relieve the stress on pur ever drain-circling economy, but you’d think a reporter might pose a question about the latest goings on in Ukraine. Nope.

We’ve allocated billions of dollars for mostly military aid, but some humanitarian as well, to assist the Ukrainian people to throw off the Russian yoke that is attempting to strangle Ukraine into submission. There are those that believe that the weapons that have been sent have been absconded and sold on the black market to others, yet no one can provide any actual evidence of this being done. We’ve descended into playing the game of doubt as to whether saving Ukraine is worth it.

The feared Russian Army, though, has taken a severe beating over the last six months and have actually achieved none of it’s initial goals against a mostly partisan resistance.

It’s the Biden administration, though that should somehow be paying the price for this war. The ignominious departure from Afghanistan gave our adversaries, like Russia, the go-ahead and do whatever they desired in their sphere of influence. The same is going on currently with China where the Chinese president has actually made threats to Biden about interfering in Taiwan. This os what happens in the world when the U.S. projects weakness to those adversaeies and everyone else. The lead from behind doctrine of the Obama era. Anyone remember saber rattling like this under president Trump? Whether you liked him or not, and although Trump didn’t want to have the U.S. trapped in any more long term military conflicts, lie Afghanistan, no foreign leaders openly challenged him (well, maybe that rat in North Korea but that didn’t last long, did it?).

So since Biden cme into office we’re not only experiencing economic distress unknown since the days of Jimmy Carter, but also a much more dangerous world where no one, even our allies, believe that the U.S. can be trusted militarily.

With all of this looming, as well as a mid-term election, is it possible that we might be directly engaged in a conflict by the first week of November? If we are, do the Democrats really believe that patriotism will reign and they will retain control of Congress even though they are the party of disaster?

Don’t hold your breath.

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