Semi-Fascist? How About Semi-Ignorant?

I’ve been waiting to see a response to Joe Biden’s comment about MAGA people being “semi-fascist” and there’s a lot of it on the Internet. what I haven’t seen though is any sort of explanation as to what a semi-fascist really means. Can someone be a semi-democrat? How about a semi-communist? I always thought a person who proclaimed a fascist ideology was indeed a fascist and not a maybe democrat or a maybe libertarian as well. For some reason, there are those in the media that believe what Biden says is semi-true. Of course, these geniuses went to college, acquired an enormous amount of debt, only to become teleprompter readers. When out president doesn’t know the difference and makes divisive as well as ignorant remarks like he did, and most of the press seems to go along, the rest of us know where we stand.

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