No Secrets, No Codes

When desperate to create or maintain a narrative, some people will believe anything they are told by who they believe are “trusted sources” and will even, if it’s the media, go to print without ever attempting to validate whether or not what they’ve been told is the truth. Take for instance the raid on former president Trump’s residence. The Washington Post wrote that their informed sources (intelligence, etc) told them that Trump had Nuclear secrets there as well as possibly the nuclear codes to launch weapons! Seriously. The Post printed this nonsense when, there had been up until the raid, no hurry for anyone to recover any documents not to mention those launch codes (by the way, those codes change all the time). Consider that for over a year-and-a-half Trump as allowed to possess these “secrets” and even to allow our enemies access to them if he desired, but nothing like that happened and none of the boxes recovered, as far as we know, had the speific markings identifying the contents as classified nuclear documents. This furthers the argument that the raid was purely political, against a possible opponent for president in 2024 and nothing else. Even some in the media are coming to this realization.

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