A Legacy of Hate

I think something I’ve noticed over the past few years is the utter hatred that democrats have for those that disagree with them. how often in the past several years have republicans been referred to as racists? Democrats have labeled anything they dislike, that doesn’t further their socialist agenda, racist. As you know, Biden has recently called republicans semi-fascist. I still don’t know how someone can be semi-anything. You either are a facist or you’re not. Of course, according to the administration, it’s the MAGA wing of the republican party that is instituting fascism and undermining democracy. It’s called gaslighting folks. There was no “insurrection” on 1/6/21, there were a bunch of idiots walking around inside the capitol building.. By the way, if that was an insurrection, what about October 2018 when (now) Justice Kavanaugh was going through his confirmation hearing and hundreds of people invaded the Senate office building and confronted Senators? No insurrection there, of course. But republicans are attempting to destroy America.

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