Time to Defund DOE

For the last year and ahalf, parents around the country have been making thir voices heard with their local school boards Recall it became internqtional news when an organization that represents school boards across the country petioned the Department of Justice to investigate parents attendong these meetings. Parents were, rightly becoming somewhat unruly *not violent) because the board refused to take into consdieration any concerns these parents had over the education of their children. The letter received a lot of news attention and even though AG Garland began to look at investigating, he quickly put the brakes on for all the negative coverage it was receiving. So you’d think these people would have sat back and retooled the message from the Education Department, allaying any fears or concerns that parents may have as to the direction of their children’s public education. It doesn’t appear so. At least, if DOE got any message at all., it didn’t come from parents:

Not reading, writing, mathematics, science,history or even civics, but wellness, safety, and community will be the focus of your local school now. Or at least the focus of DOE. Maybe it’s time we completely defunded this brick and gave the money back to the individual states.

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