Mark Kelly is Not for Arizona

The closer we get to the mid-term elections, the more focused candidates attacks on one another become. Mark Kelly, the Senator from my atate of Arizona, has focused on a single issue against his Republican opponent: abortion. The other ad is a really well prodiuced ad how he is basically non-partisan. Calling out Democrat and Republicans when their agendas don’t help anyone, especially Arizonans. He even states that he’s been building the wall. All by himself I guess since President Biden halted that effort on his first day in office. Like all Democrats running this year, he distances himself from the president by saying he tells Biden when he disagrees. No one here though can figure out when that has been. He voted for adding 87,000 IRS agents but voted against adding 18,000 Border Patrol agents. Want to guess which one border states, like his, would have preferred? Kelly has spent a fortune trying to retain this Senate seat with a war chest of some $55 million. His opponent, Blake Masters, $5 million. Masters, is only a point behind in the polls. Kelly’s war chest is mainly from outside the state. 7.5 million population doesn’t generate that kind of money. Kelly is desperate, trying to become a “man of the people” when everyone knows, he’s not.

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