Democrats Can’t Get Abortion off Their Minds

For several years now, I’ve always been skeptical about polls on any topic or issue. It seems that the methodology of the poll becomes suspect when sampling is deconstructed only to find that one demographic was sampled at a higher rate than any other. Long term, people have generally lost faith in these surveys and are least surprised when thry turn out to be wrong in every way. It’s easy to tell a pollster one thing and then actually vote the opposite, which seems to be what has been going on for several cycles. Some become stuck on polling issues to attempt to gain ground with voters. Most polls show that the economy, crime, education, immigration, lead what voters are most concerned about with climate change, abortion, and other social issues falling far below. So anyone would think that someone running for office would focus on those issues most important to everyday people, but those people would be wrong. In my state, those top issues listed are less important to Democrats running for office than, say, abortion. In fact, in the Governor and Senate races, here, the television ads presented by the Democratic candidates focus on the extremism of their Republican opponent o that issue while ignoring those issues that real people are talking about. Why? Because it has been democratic polices that have caused inflation and gas prices to soar as well as crime. They have cauased education to sink like a rock. But let’s talk about those evil anti-abortionists. Sorry dems, not this cycle. Try again in 2 years if the economy has improved.

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