Is it Possible to Revive Online Atheism?

I log into Twitter, expecting the same old thing. Nothing. There’s almost nothing of interest on that platform anymore. I think it’s basically been taken ver by establishment political operatives as well as big business. The interesting stuff, if it exists at all is either offline, or on some platform the rest of us don’t know about. It’s become a secret society of the more interesting topics to be discussed or argued over. Special invitation only.

For the longest time now, I’ve been wondering what happened to all of the atheist activists that were online all the time. Especially on Twitter. I’m not a Facebook member but I’d guess there as well. Maybe some of the other platforms as well. But, having been on Twitter for a while, it looks to me like many have just faded away for whatever reason.

I used to be able to. log into twitter and see a lot of tweets by atheists and today? None. I still follow most of those people. I haven’t gone through my list in a long time, it may be that they are n longer on Twitter or just don’t participate much anymore. I mean, the platform has become very politically divisive and I don’t blame people for not wanting to be part of the acrimony that abundantly exists. Also no more being suspended or banned because some random person at Twitter happened to be offended by a tweet.

But why have atheists hidden themselves away? Is there some sort of fear of backlash that was never there before? Is it just boredom. To me, being an atheist is nothing special but I admit I did enjoy some of the dialogue that was created on Twitter. I don’t even hear about atheist or skeptic conventions anymore. Do any still exist? The last one I knew about was Mythicist Milwaukee and since I rarely hear from anyone, I’m not even sure that one is around anymore.

I’m no better I guess. I began this blog to discuss atheism and skepticism and how long has it been since I’ve written anything about either? A while (being kind yo myself). So I guess I could do more to spur some activity among my fellow atheists by writing more about it, right? there should be plenty to write abut and I’m going to start spending time looking for something interesting about religion and atheism to write about. In the meantime, I will still write about anything that happens to be of interest to me but I’d prefer to get back to writing about what this blog was created to do.

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