Who’s to Blame? One Guess…

Okay, I’ve come to the light. I’ve left the frefge of darkness and pain ad decided to live my life in the light with the goodness of my friends and neighbors ever present. But in doing this, according to those same friends, there must be someone to blame for not only my walk in the darkness but for all of humanity’s as well. There are a lot of proplr we can blame. We can be racist and blame white people, but no, that’s already being done. How about black, hispanic or asian people.? No everyone knows that unless you’re white, you cannot be racist and since that’s been done, we need to find another devil .

We can chhose people by ideology. If you’re on the left, the worlds problems are caused by those people that dared vote for Donald Trump – 5 years ago. If you’re on the right, it’s the regressive left that continues to riot, rob, murder, and burn cities that are the problem. If we can just somehow cage those that would either vote for a madman, or create anarchy in our society, all would be well. It’s those few in the middle, those that dodn;t vote for Trump but also didin’t hheap praise on anarchists (like Nancy Pelosi) that are truly caught in that they have enough power to change the outcome of an election but are posed top believe in the bad of whomever is leading and therefore can no more be counted on, unlike minority constituencies, that seem to always vote for those that would keep them in poverty and violence. Go figure.

That mostly leaves religion, doesn’t it/ Sure, I could break don other demographics buit I’m not looking to blame 10 year olds for the obesity problems in the world (although the evidence is there that yes, 8-12 year olds are most susceptible.) or that parents have become so little involved in their children’s lives that it has lead to the idiocracy that has been created in the last generation. We can still blame individual societies. Even though the Chinese are asian, aren’t they responsible for this pandemic? If not, them who? Aren’t they the same people that have enslaved early 2 million ethnic/religious minorities – using them for slave labor and, ugh, parts? what about the Russians , who’ve become the world’s juvenile delinquents, hacking countries and corporations, hoping to drive someone just mad enough, but not too mad, to actually do something about it. They’ll soon be getting their payback. How about the entire continent of Africa? They’ve been so horrible about human rights that the last time anyone was not guilty in any court in any country was when they didn’t have countries. Or courts.

To me that leaves religion and the two largest religions on this planet are Christianity and Islam. Sure there are a billion Hinfis, and some 700 million Buddhists, but the first two, by far, have the most adherents and are the ones, if we just look back in recent history (less than 2,000 years) are the ones that have created the most conflicts on the planet. Sure there have been other religions that have worse records, but those are dead nowadays. I could spend hours on Christianity because that’s the cultural norm I come from. I could spend a lot of time on Islam because its a culture I’ve spent some time, as an adult, around. I could blame the Jews, but doesnt everyone pretty much these days, even though they, as a religious group, have gone through so many persecutions and pogroms that none of what th rest of us have put them through has ever changed a thing. The Jews always seem to be the number one threat to the rest of us because ”they killed Jesus”. Actually, if you’ve ever read the New Testament, it was the Romans that killed Jesus. Maybe the Catholics (that’s around a billion people) ruled by one man (yes, a human being) that has more influence over his followers thar probably any other religious leader.When Jon Kennedy ran from president in 1960, the largest concern in the media (yes, THAT media), was that he was Catholic and would give homage to the Pope over the Constitution. He had to come out in public, in the media and swear his allegiance to the Constitution before the election. When catholics began their mass migration to the US in the 1840’s they were probably thought of worse than Jews. If you’re a student of history, you recall reading about the for hire signs, unless you were Irish and/or Catholics. Hec, I can recall my Dad talking about it during his time in the military. No matter how hard, there was some prejudice toward catholics in military service just because it was believed those same catholics would follow the direction of the Pope over the President.

Although there’s not a single religious leader in Islam that commands do many adherents they are a problem because they hate the rest of us, Not all of them, but a signufucant number of them do that some of their groups are labeled, worldwide, as terrorists.If there were a Mulim candidate for president would he/sheget the questions about allegiance that Kennedy did in 1960. No, theres no Pope of Islam, but that the candidate would sow allegiance to Mohammad first, the Constitution after? Probably not because the person that asked that question woud be accused of Islanophobia but I can almost guarantee that if the same candidate was a ”faithful Catholic“ (not a pretend one like Joe Biden) that person would get questions about their faith(think Mitt Romney in 2012).

So who’s left? Who can we blame and where is it that I came into the light from the darkness? It’s atheism. Yes, all of the problems of the world must be the fault of Atheists. We have no one to speak for us: in fact, it’s more that we hear people speaking against us ranking us with murderers and child molesters. So why not just pick up thebanner and let everyone know, ”It’sour fault. Blame atheists. So, if you’re not an atheist and are looking for someone to blame for your troubles, no matter what they are, remember you can just blame those damn atheists We won;t care because we probably won’t hear about it because we’re too busy eating babies.

4 thoughts on “Who’s to Blame? One Guess…

  1. Atheist or not, IF we ALL treated others as we’d prefer to be treated, we wouldn’t have this mess (hate, envy, slothful, greedy, gluttonous, worship ‘idols’ *such as money or other people, including self *, prideful, wrathful, careless, wasteful, manipulative, and on and on) so that makes us ALL to blame – but mostly the greedy.


  2. The real enemy to the world is religion. And the real enemy to religion isn’t atheism, it’s secularism. And that’s what they’re most afraid of because they know that it could threaten their generous tax breaks and the countless millions in public subsidy that they’re currently rolling around in. And that’s why whenever you hear a speech from a religious leader nowadays it usually contains a warning against the danger of secularism. When the Pope went to America once, it’s the first thing he said when he got off the plane obviously. He also apologized for all the child abuse but what else was he supposed to say? Get over it you pussies”? Of course not. Not even if he was thinking it which he probably was. Oh, come on, you know he was.
    But secularism is not atheism as many of these God peddling faith jockeys will often try to pretend in order to frighten people who think they’re going to be possessed by demons if society isn’t run by God or rather by men who think their God. There are plenty of religious people who are secularists. They believe in God but they’ve got too much class to try and force their views on everyone else. And that’s all secularism means. It means religious freedom for everybody not just for religious people. It means respecting everyone’s right to worship freely but removing the power of the middle man. The clergyman. The self-appointed intermediary to interfere and meddle uninvited in people’s lives.
    No wonder they’re more afraid of it than they are of hellfire itself.
    If Secular-phobia isn’t a word, I guess it is now. I realize that all this sounds very negative but let me assure you that I’m actually very optimistic about the future of humanity. At least in the long term because I just don’t think it’s possible for us to stay this stupid forever. We’ll try of course and no doubt some of us will really dig our heels in too. But I think despite ourselves we will eventually evolve into something a bit more intelligent, a bit more compassionate, and a bit less afraid of our own shadow. And when that happens, religion will simply die a natural death of acute embarrassment. If there’s any justice. The thing is though I don’t want it to take thousands of years, I want it to happen now. Partly because I’m a modern kind of guy and I want everything now. But also, because it pretty much needs to happen now if we want to keep our freedom. If we don’t shake off religion, we are not going to shake off Islam.
    And I hope that’s offensive to some. Because it’s time to stop being polite. It’s time to stop showing fake respect and to start insisting that this divisive, dangerous, insulting, poisonous bullshit is taken out of our public life where it violates our human rights. Out of the government. Out of the law. And especially out of education. And all the vast army of self-interested, money-grubbing clergy and lobby groups and other assorted faith-based so-called community leaders who currently feed on our freedom like maggots, should be told exactly what they can do with themselves in the bluntest terms possible terms.


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