Is Social Media Presence a Civil Right?



So now it seems a person may be permanently banned by social media, in this case, Facebook, for just appearing in a video with someone deemed  undesirable. That’s not going to work very well for journalists, is it as they are always interviewing, sometimes on camera, people that many people may despise because of their views on a number of topics. Oh, wait! No, they won’t ban these journalists as their ideological positions fit within what Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms view as acceptable. I’ve written numerous times about social media censoring and have stated outright that these are private companies and have ban whoever they want. After a lot of thought and conversation with other people I know and trust, I think that position is simplistic.

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The Demonization of Chik-Fil-A


Image courtesy of Chik-Fil-A

I read recently that the City of San Antonio, Texas, have refused Chik-Fil-A  permission to open a store at their airport, citing the companys anti-LGBTQ stance and their donations to groups that are anti-LGBTQ. Buffalo Niagara Airport, more recently, denied Chik-Fil-A accomodation at their facility for the same reason. As most are aware, Chik-Fil-A is a Christian, family owned business. The question is should any business be banned from a public facility based on their religious belief? As long as they don’t directly discriminate against anyone, the answer should be no.

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Should Government be Able to Suppress Speech it Doesn’t Approve of?



Should the government, any government that claims to be for freedom of speech openly advocate for the opposite simply because they happen to dislike a person, consider them a racist and a bigot? Before anyone answers, think about it as it may apply to you. You speak out  on a subject the government would rather you didn’t. Maybe you’ve been arrested for just openly advocating for what you believe is true. I’m not saying that people who incite violence on others should not be prosecuted, but what about those that just say that something, whatever it is, is evil?

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