Talking to Your Kids About Belief, Death.



So, something that’s never happened here; Someone clicked on the Contact button on the homepage and sent me some questions. I thought I would go ahead and attempt to respond here. Of course, I’m not going to mention the name of the person, but I found his questions as something I hear personally from others that struggle with their faith and are at a point in their lives when they’re considering leaving that faith. Read on if you’re interested. Note that I’mnot an adive columnist and that anything I say here is based on my own experience.

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Atheists Are Not Obsessed With God




Why are you obsessed with God, a being you claim doesn’t exist? ?Is a question atheists often hear. Personally, I’m not obsessed with any god, although I do write about the subject on occasion. The reason, I write about something I don’t believe exists is that I want to show others that there’s no reason to believe in something that has no effect on anyone’s life.  No one has to believe in any god to get through life and there’s no punishment or reward after this life for anything.

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Would Knowledge of God Change Your Mind?



Consider, just for a moment, if today, we discovered that there were definitive proof of God? I mean that that proof would be beyond dispute; Every scientist, philosopher would agree that yes, God has been discovered. What would be the fallout of that occurring? I’m not saying that this God itself would hold a press conference, just that it was discovered that there was indisputable, demonstrable proof this God existed? Would atheists suddenly become believers? And for those believers, would they need to believe anymore because their belief had been supplanted by knowledge? Faith itself would no longer be required.

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Realizing When No On Cares About Your Belief




Ever notice that there are some people that just want to tell others about their religion. I’m not specifically referring to evangelizing, try to convert someone, just that they. love talking about church, their pastor, the most recent sermon, or something else related. I think that many of these just assume that whoever their speaking with holds at least a similar belief, and that discussing their belief is okay. It’s never considered that the person they are conversing with just may not care. In fact, maybe that other person  holds different beliefs or none at all.

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The Demonization of Chik-Fil-A


Image courtesy of Chik-Fil-A

I read recently that the City of San Antonio, Texas, have refused Chik-Fil-A  permission to open a store at their airport, citing the companys anti-LGBTQ stance and their donations to groups that are anti-LGBTQ. Buffalo Niagara Airport, more recently, denied Chik-Fil-A accomodation at their facility for the same reason. As most are aware, Chik-Fil-A is a Christian, family owned business. The question is should any business be banned from a public facility based on their religious belief? As long as they don’t directly discriminate against anyone, the answer should be no.

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