Why Antagonize Believers?



I often wonder why Atheists are so disliked within society. It’s not as if we’re serial killers or rapists wandering the landscape, searching for our next victim. We don’t, well at least none I know, worship Satan or practice demonology. We’re just regular people, with jobs and families that happen to differ with the majority over whether there is any proof for the existence of any god. I’ve not been discriminated against as an atheist, but I understand why some will not be open about their disbelief. So what is the reason why we’re so disliked? I think I may have at least a partial answer.

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What Atheists Don’t Say



I recently watched ta video (embedded at the end of this) titled, Atheists – Never Say THIS.  I liked it in general, but I do have to say I had a couple of problems with it, in that at least one of the examples presented – in fact the first – I have almost never heard anyone say. Maybe it’s because I’m not on social media all the time, or that I don’t attend Atheist conferences. I’m not sure, but I do know that what he spends a lot of time on at the beginning, is not something I’ve regularly heard any atheist say.

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The Silence of God




A question I recently received is why has God (from a Christian, perhaps Jewish perspective as well been so quiet to human kind for so long? The idea being, via the question, is that humans have walked the Earth for over 100,000 years and it seems odd to this person that God only began speaking with us recently (2,000 years ago). But that’s not exactly true, is it? From the Judeo-Christian perspective, at least in the bible, God was present in the lives of his chosen people and until, possibly 400 years before the birth of Jesus, where, in the Old Testament that God became silent.

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Why Believe in “God”?



Does belief in any god bring anything to anyone? Certainly it brings a feeling of community, that you belong to something, but does it do anything else? That’s a question I had even as a Christian when I would attend church regularly, pray and read the bible the same. Even though I was very attended to my belief, today, years later, now an atheist, I can’t see why for so long I believed that anything I believed would affect my life. It may have; In fact, I actually think it did, at one point or another. But overall? No. Belief in any god doesn’t do anything for anyone other than the possibility that it makes them feel better about themselves. Not just their successes, but their failures as well.

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Believing in the Afterlife



I was thinking about this post I recently wrote in response to some questions from a reader. One of the questions, if in fact not the main question was about talking to your children about death, as an atheist. I personally don’t believe that there’s anything beyond this life but as I responded, no one actually knows.  That’s the best answer anyone could possibly give and anyone that says for sure that the absolutely know what occurs when we die, is either lying or fooling themselves. But that started me thinking about this Pew Research Poll of atheists I read a while back because for some reason, I was certain that within that poll, I had read that there were atheists polled that did believe in an afterlife. I wasn’t disappointed when I revisited the poll.

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