It’s Been a While, But I’m Back

Okay. I haven’t written in a while. In fact, looking at the homepage here, it’s been a month and a half. Sorry to my regular readers. I really don;t have much of an excuse. Let me use “COVID” and we’ll be good. Not that me, or anyone else in ,y household has contracted the disease, it’s just an easy excuse for, well, being lazy.

Of course, in the meantime, as I’m just discovering, WordPress has moved to a new editor, and now I have to get used to that as well. Okay, that’s a minor complaint but, I’m an old dog and I really don’t want to learn new tricks. Heck, it took me months to learn the old editor when I began blogging back in, 2012 I think. I’ll get used to it though. I really do miss blogging and I want to write about things that are prescient for me. Maybr not to you, but then, go start your own blog.

That’s another thing. Blogging has become like ancient Mesopotamian: few understand it and fewer are interested in it. It’s too bad. What a great place to dictate your thoughts, gripes, hopes, than in a blog. Sure, people like video services but I don’t think you can express yourself as well as if you had to, instead of screaming it on camera, writing it down. It’s easy to scream and yell, or just be on camera, loaded. Harder to make a point when it’s just you and the virtual paper. You have to stop and think about what you’re saying.

Anyway, I’m back. I’m going to set time aside every day to write something here. Hey, if I can take time to tweet, or read news online, I should be writing here at least part of that time. I’ll make every attempt to be fresh daily. There’s a lot to talk about: politically, socially – whatever. I’ll write what’s on my mind and you all may comment at your discretion, on whatever I write. Right now? I’m thinking about school. My kid has a “hybrid” (that’s what the district refers to it as) schedule where she goes in twice per week and does the remaining at home.

If you have kids, I think you may like it. Maybe not. You’re issues may be more than mine are. I’d love to hear them though so I think that will be tomorrow’s subject, if you can wait. I really have a lot to say about all of the shutdowns and I’d like to begin with what I consider the most important: school.

Stay tuned and welcome back!

2 thoughts on “It’s Been a While, But I’m Back

  1. Why…hello! Good to “see” you. I much prefer to read, not watch and listen, and a blog moves slower than FaceBook, so I can be offline a few days and catch up. LOL

    My DIL is a teacher, her kid is in kindergarten, our good friends have kids in the same district. They have begun phase 2 in their school, which means At-Risk students (for whatever reason) are in school with protections, while everyone else is doing virtual. These kids I know may continue virtual and our district will allow that. From all, including the teacher, things are going far better than every imagined, and there were high expectations of success at the onset. This is just our local condition, but not all of this odd process is bad or disastrous. In fact, the at-risk kids are not only enjoying school for the first time, but excelling and their teachers are getting to know them as excited students and not problems. The older girls we know are happy to be away from the often nasty aspects of middle school and are excited about being able to learn and work on their own. Our kindergartener just loves this and her fellow kindergartners at her daycare work together with the same teacher.

    The next phase is for students to do A/B weeks, when half will be virtual and the rest in person, but any can remain virtual and there is the ability to take a step back. The state made sure each household had a Hotspot for internet service and each student has a tablet. It is a lot of work for our teachers and Educational Assistants, but so far, so good.

    We are well here and remain careful, but fully engaged with life and work, and busier than before the virus. Would love to take a cruise, though! Heavy sigh…

    Hope you remain well, Jim. I look forward to more from you.



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