The Rise of ‘Eco-Anxiety’



I heard something recently that I thought was a bit strange. Children, some at least, aeem to be suffering from something referred to as eco-anxiety What’s this all about? It seems that all the doomsayers of climate change have affected youth around the world. It actually doesn;t surpriose me that young people, constantly hearing that the world as we know it is going to end soon – from politicians and climate activists – may be concerned. After all, these are adults (mostly) that they’ve been told they should trust.

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Is it Weather or Climate Change?




It snowed overnight where I live. This morning we’re still getting a small amount. It  hasn’t been a lot, at least not for those of you that live in latitudes where this time of year there are days where you can become snowed in, and if not, it is a pain to have to get to work, or run errands. But where I live, it is unusual. So far, this winter, including this one, we’ve had a total of around 8 inches of snow. Before you start laughing, let me explain.

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