The Useless EV Tax Credit

Anyone notice that, because of the “up to” $7,500 tax credit for buying an electric vehicle, that ford Motor Company has raised their price on at least one model – the Mustang – just that much. Other EV makers, including Tesla, are reportedly going to do the same. What good is this “tax credit” when the price of the car itself will wipe any benefit supposedly received. There’s a lot of cars tjhat are going to be ineligible for the credit though as Congress, in their infinite wisdom placed an “assembled in Americal” and that includes the batteries, which for many car makers won’t qualify. Congress (the democrats, actually) pass a bill to save the environment (it’s not an Inflation Reduction Act, at all because half of the expenditure goes to green initiatives. More spending for no results).and place restrictions on it to where even if someone wanted to purchse an EV, their choices will be severely limited.

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