Where Have I Seen This Before?

I agree that the Taliban, of Afghanistan are bad people. Irredeemable savages mostly. When the Biden administration called them ”business like” and ”professional” I think they meant in a psycopathic way, right? How else would they be able to justify this very businesslike treatment of some of the people of Afghanistan? I can see some of the commenters from TV sitting back , saying I told you so, and they would be correct as to those in the Taliban and their allies (terrorist groups).

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Celebrity Takes Precedence Over Real Life (and Death!)

death penalty

I have to say I was disturbed recently by the response a friend of mine received from a post she wrote. Many of you know of Courtney Heard, AKA “Godless Mom” and that she is a fierce anti-death penalty advocate. She has been communicating, via mail with a man on death row in Texas for a crime that is suspicious in that none of the evidence seems to prove that this man, awaiting execution, actually committed the crime he has been sentenced to death for and remaining there for decades while his case is being appealed.

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Revenge is not Justice




I used to be in favor of the death penalty. It was years, no, decades ago. What was it that made me anti-death penalty, today I can’t say other than I came to a conclusion that the death penalty was not about justice for victims, but rather revenge from society.  It’s shameful to have to say that even today, the majority of Americans still support this barbaric punishment.

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