Understanding the Subject

I rarely participate in online debates with believers. There was a time when I would, but I came to not only find the person I was in discussion with insincere, but also not very knowledgeable in the topics they want to challenge. The one I’ve come across the most is Evolutionary Theory. Believers want to argue against evolution without having the most basic understanding of the subject.

These same people then take offense when an atheist attempts to disabuse the person of what they think they know. This runs into many scientific areas and no, I’m not saying that atheists are experts in every subject, but those I know will take time to learn something about a subject before attempting a serious discussion.

I know I might get a laugh, possibly a chuckle here, but for those wanting to brush up, I recommend the for Dummies series of books. These books cover nearly every subject imaginable and are written for the average person with little or no knowledge in the area. I’ve used them at least twice myself. No, I didn’t become an overnight expert, and that’s not the intent. I learned what I needed at the time and of course, if I wanted to know more, there were recommendations for further reading.

Atheists are often accused of mocking those that come online to challenge science over belief from Bronze Age authors. I agree this occurs far too often. So believers next time, before challenging anyone atheist or not online, come prepared.



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