Is Atheism Determined By Education?



It seems to me that most atheists consider believers as poorer and less educated than they are. That may be true, but I have never found any statistics to verify that claim. Are there those from less privileged homes more likely to believe in God? Who’s to say. Polls indicate that atheists are more educated but what does that really indicate?

If someone is a high school graduate and an atheist, what’s the difference? Atheism has nothing to do with the level of education, even though polls may show that, it has nothing to do with what people, who are able to think for themselves, resolve.

It bothers me that there are some that actually think that if you’re “uneducated”, in their definition of education, that it’s  likely that you will not be an atheist when none of that has anything to do with  being a believer, or not.

It’s insulting, in my opinion, to categorize those that either by choice or circumstance didn’t have the opportunity to ti attend a college or university as stupid. And yes, that what some atheists are telling us.

I’m always disappointed when I hear another atheist declare in some way that atheists are better than the hoi-polloi. Meaning that because we are better educated, and have a better financial status, that it is more likely that we would be atheists.  That’s absolutely untrue and is proven in the statistics. Sure, mre college educated people claim to be atheists that non-college educated, but if anyone delves into the actual numbers, how the poll was taken, who was polled, etc., we find that there is actually no difference.

Does education and economic status have anything to do with being an atheist versus a believer? It depends. It depends on where anyone is socially.  By that I mean that someone may be poor and uneducated and be a believer, but it’s not unknown that a person can come from a very wealthy family, being well educated, and be a believer as well. Think Walmart, a huge multinational corporation that is operated by…a Christian family. Does anyone think that they are uneducated?

I am appalled when I see atheists that consider those not atheist as being “other”, less than what someone believes an atheist is, no matter where they come from. I think that as atheists, we need to be less elitist and more welcoming. Education and economic status have nothing to do with whether someone is a believer or not. Let’s celebrate that fact and not pigeonhole people because of any other life factors.



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