Voter Fraud or Wishful Thinking?

I don’t know why people can’t see it, but isn’t it strange that the same people (well, a lot of the same people) who complained about a rigged election in 2016 (It was the Russians!) are now saying any complaints of fraud or rigging are completely baseless. Of course, as far as they’re concerned, their candidate won the election so it seems the rule is this: If my candidate wins, the election was fair and honest. If my candidate loses, the election was stolen.

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I Don’t Care About Jussie Smollett



Everyone, everywhere, is today discussing the dropping of all charges against alleged hoaxer, Jussie Smollett. It really is something to turn on the television to any of the cable news networks, or to read on Twitter, the reactions to this astonishing (Yes, I heard that used more than once) development. No one can get their. mind around it. some, in fact are now saying (CNN) that maybe the attack did occur and that since none of us were there, we just don’t know. Continue reading

Academic Privilege and Fraud



I’ve been following the latest scandal on television. Yes, that one, where wealthy parents, two notable families in Hollywood, cheated their way into having their children attend one or more elite colleges. I actually couldn’t believe this was more than a one day story, but since it first broke, channel after channel, every day, have carried it, had panels and single guests on talking about the college admissions process and how it desperately needs more transparency. Some 50 people so far have been arrested on Federal charges including wire and mail fraud. The teaser? These people, could receive as much as twenty years in prison.

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