Voter Fraud or Wishful Thinking?

I don’t know why people can’t see it, but isn’t it strange that the same people (well, a lot of the same people) who complained about a rigged election in 2016 (It was the Russians!) are now saying any complaints of fraud or rigging are completely baseless. Of course, as far as they’re concerned, their candidate won the election so it seems the rule is this: If my candidate wins, the election was fair and honest. If my candidate loses, the election was stolen.

This rule may be applied to the 2020 election as well but in this instance, there are more questions about the vote in certain states than just the generic “Russian Collusion” charge that was made in 2016 and how a few Facebook advertisements, by some Russian companies, tricked millions of people to vote for Trump. As we know now, any collusion inn 2016 was by the Clinton campaign and by the way? There’s no law against collusion.

Of course, the media claim any claims of voter fraud in the recent election are figments of imagination and simply conspiracy theories by Trump supporters because their candidate lost. This is supposed to be the unbiased, non-partisan press we would hope would at least examine the allegations before concluding there was no there, there. But then, these are mostly the same people that carried the Russian Collusion story for over three years when there was never any evidence of any wrongdoing by the Trump campaign. For some reason, the media see no hypocrisy in what they report today.

Of course, those skeptical of any vote fraud demand of those claiming otherwise to produce evidence. Evidence has been shown but even then, it doesn’t seem to be enough. But other news is being made that will probably dishearten some. As of this writing CNN (yes, THAT CNN) has placed Arizona back in play, and RealClearPolitics have retracted their call of Pennsylvania for Biden, Of course, the media do not decide who wins elections (they actually believe they do!) so that both of these must mean there is actual information coming from those states that has them pulling their earlier assessment.

But as to evidence, I read a couple of stories recently that seemed to be evidentiary but when I look for them now, I can’t seem to find them via Google. I wonder why? Just 8 hours ago, there they were. Now, all I find are the “no voter fraud”. Interesting. I wonder if Google is suppressing these other stories? Not making any claim here other than those stories were there earlier, and now I cant seem to find thm with the same generic query, “evidence of voter fraud”. I did find others at another site though. Here’s the second. Believe them or not.

I think that most people are aware of where Big Tech stands, politically. In fact Twitter is attaching warnings to tweets about voter fraud saying explicitly there is no evidence of voter fraud. How do they know this? Fox News, broke away from a Press Secretary briefing because she was making a statement about voter fraud. Yes, even Fox News. I think FNC can say Buh-Bye to their viewership, It really has been mostly conservatives, mostly Trump voters, that have kept them number one in the ratings. Oh well, they began going downhill post Roger Ailes.

I guess for me what seems odd is that what appear to be glitches seem to only go one way. If these glitches as have been reported really were just that, we’d see it for both candidates, wouldn’t we? But we don’t and no one wants to admit that it’s strange. I’m pretty sure that people on both sides are dissatisfied with what is going on and many have lost faith in our electoral system, mostly Trump voters because it just seems a continuation of 2016 where the President was accused of cheating to get elected in the first place. Now in 2020, the same people seem to be doing a be damned job of ensuring Trump is not reelected. It doesn’t even seem they care that they’ve been caught, they have the media on their side.

This seems to be going on forever, but it won’t. I predict it will be over by Thanksgiving. I have been wrong. All we can all do is wait and see and hopefully get fair reporting on what is going on day by day (okay, that was a joke).

2 thoughts on “Voter Fraud or Wishful Thinking?

  1. If there was wrongdoing related to the voting process, the evidence will come out in court. The media doesn’t decide the election results. I don’t think the 2016 allegation of Russian interference by spreading misinformation or subtle communication online is an appropriate comparison. The right is accusing Americans of directly committing voter fraud in this election. That’s a bold allegation. Not to mention that the same types of fraud could be performed by either sides. I think that the truth will come out during court proceedings and it will be found that there was not widespread, or even significant voter fraud on either side. I think the widespread use of alternative voting means has opened the door to conspiracies based on ignorance of the process. Also, alternative voting was predominately utilized by democrats and these votes tended to be counted last, opening the opportunity for fear of impropriety by Republicans. Full disclosure: I voted for Biden, but it saddens me that there aren’t better presidential candidates. I’m best described as a Libertarian, but even when faced with a 2-party decision, we should have better options on both sides. Ugh.


  2. I wanted Trump to win the election. If he loses fairly, I’ll accept the result and I won’t spend the next four years bellyaching about it. However, if there is evidence of fraud (and there appears to be plenty) it must be thoroughly investigated. If Biden is allowed to win the election with a flood of late ballots, backdated ballots, computer ‘glitches’ and votes from dead people, millions of Americans will rightly feel that their democratic birthright has been stolen. That is a situation that will not end well. It’s vitally important that all disputed ballots are rigorously audited and that recounts are conducted by hand in front of observers so that confidence can be restored. If millions of people in this country lose trust in the electoral process, the future is very dark.


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