Maybe It’s Time to Delete Our Social Media Presence. Maybe Not.

So, I’m not going to discuss, much anyway, the debacle that occirred recently at out nation’s capitol. Let me just say I was shocked by the behavior of some people and was saddened at the same time that this is what our country has devolved to in the past few years. There is no reason for violent demonstrations of any kind, by any ideologues of any type. It accomplishes absolutely nothing in the short term, and males people that may have had sympathy for a cause, walk away.

What is incredible is the complete hypocrisy of those that have attacked the people involved but those same voices did not, once, condemn the violence and murder of last summer. I hear people calling what was done as treason or sedition yet those same people didn’t call Antifa or BLM protestors seditious or treasonous for burning down police stations, attempting to burn down a federal courthouse, or taking over blocks of a major city in the country with armed invaders. Nope. All of that was perfectly normal and lauded behavior and those politicians at every level that applauded these actions had little or no consequences applied toward them. But now that supposed right-wing people have rioted in Washington D.C., we see a call for all sorts of sanctions against those that may have supported the gathering to begin with – not knowing how th day would progress.

Even social media platforms are in the mix. Donald Trumps social media presence is now completely gone because, according to those in the MSM, he directly incited those that committed these violent acts. Other conservatives will probably be removed, in time. Anyone that supports Donald Trump or has supported him, those on the left are looking to be sanctioned. Even if you worked in the White House of for the administration, there are some calling for, well, way beyond words of repugnance. They are actually calling for Nuremberg-like trials. Anyone speaking out against the sudden censorship, is now on a list. Don’t believe me? Here’s the WaPo’s former conservative columnist:

We have a list. We are coming for you if you happen to disagree with us. This has actually been coming for a while and now that the left has control of both houses of Congress, along with the White house (for at least two years)we can expect more of the same. Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have no fear from their good friends in Congress with being regulated now.

A competing platform, Parler, is now threatened as both Apple and Google have removed the Parler app from their stores. Why did they do this? Because Parler is a possible threat to Twitter now that Twitter has made its intentions transparent to all of its user base. So now all that’s left is for Amazon to take down Parler’s servers and the eradication of dissident voices and a direct competitor will be complete. Note in the NYT piece, in the sub-head, how the Times mock Parler as a “free speech” network. Just wait until the mob come for you, NYT. The left always end up eating their own. It’s been proven time and again.

I think there will be some fallout from this cleansing, as the left are wont to call what is going on right now. People will leave Twitter, Facebook,. and Instagram, as well as other platforms like YouTube. These have been the most egregious in silencing voices in which they disapprove. In the long term, they only hurt themselves as people discover other platforms they can utilize.

It really is too bad that these same companies cannot be honest and if they are going to remove Donald Trump, possibly some other leading conservative voices soon, will not do the same for those on the left that have stoked violence in the last few years. I think Iran’s Mullahs still have their accounts even though they have tweeted more than once about the death of Israel. Of course, the left if rife with anti-semites as they’ve shown in not removing people like Louis Farrakhan for their commentary but Donald Trump? He’s gotta go, now.

Personally, I’ve been attempting to limit my social media (specifically Twitter) interaction as I was sure something was going to happen in the next few months to drive people away. I was asked by someone on email if I had deleted my account yet. Well, no I haven’t but I won’t place it out of the realm of possibility. I did that for about a year-and-a-half a few years ago and after a week or so, didn’t miss it at all. That’s all I see that anyone can do. Of course there are people that use some of these platforms like meth addicts, so they will probably truly never go away.

I’ve also been seeing the argument, that I used to make, that since these are all private companies, they should be able to do whatever they want (be a monopoly in their space?). On further thought though, aren’t these platforms the new Town Square? If it’s okay to be a monopoly nowadays, maybe we should let AT&T know this (the government broke this company up, decades ago). So it really is more than just a free speech issue, it’s an issue about monopolistic behavior. Just ask Parler this evening.

3 thoughts on “Maybe It’s Time to Delete Our Social Media Presence. Maybe Not.

  1. In a decade or so the internet will evolve from an exciting new forum for free communication of ideas into a repressive surveillance dystopia. The people who have done this should be in jail. Twitter should change the name of their site to ””.

    Here’s a Fun Tip for everyone:
    If you get insulted or harassed on social media, you can play victim by pretending you don’t know there’s a block function, and you can whine & whimper about it like a big baby until somebody gets banned. Good times.

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  2. “They” have moved quickly and began in earnest to attack on Jan. 7, 2021 conservative radio and blog sites and social media pages. Mattis has called for a sitting president to be exiled, Squad members are geared up to force cleansing across the board, as they are now the proven driving force of the Democrat party. Nancy may have her power-position, but she has been taking her orders from AOC, Inc.

    I am much more refrained on FB than I was, and have limited the pages I used to respond to (not that I did much there in reality). Your site, Jim, and Jillian’s site are my main discussion areas now. Am I safer on these? I suppose if they wanted my information, they have gotten it by now… Are any of us immune from what cleansing might be coming? Who knows? I have little to risk.

    When The Blaze (Glenn Beck’s online news/commentary/research station) first began many years ago, I got on board, and still am a subscriber, although I very rarely go there…but it is there. I prefer written news and our data runs out quickly with videos. Newsmax is a good site for conservative information, Just The News, Summit News, Town Hall, American Greatness, American Thinker, etc. I suppose these are being attacked, author by author and in general. We know “They” have wanted conservative voices gone for decades, especially since they cannot compete.

    Rush is hanging in there, always under attack, but as his health fails…. I find I am crying often when I listen to him, as I am so sorry that he might be ending his life and his career in “broadcast excellence” the same time that America is struggling to continue, and I hope he lives to see that it does.

    And…hope rests on Sen. Jim Manchin?


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