The Future of Free Speech

We live in a society now where progressive politics, no matter where one resides, seems to have replaced, in some cases, what had been known as societal  norms. These have to do with personal responsibility and family. It’s no longer your fault that you lost your job, even if you were a terrible employee: the government will make sure you’re provided. Your children are not yours, they belong to the state and if you teach them anything that we don’t approve of We’ll take them from you. Deny Trans women are actual biological women? Be cancelled/ In fact, become erased. Try to engage in your rights of free speech and religion? We can’t have that.

The more reports we see, the more inured we become to the new normal of society. Some that are still concerned just sit back quietly in their homes and shake their heads. It’s not even safe to speak any objection to any of what we see or hear because that could mean becoming a social outcast and at worst, losing employment. Everything now that the far-left doesn’t approve of is either racism or hate speech. Its unfortunate that so many companies are becoming too fearful to tell these to stand down. We’re quickly becoming a society where people are actually afraid to stand up for their rights and if the far-left has it’s way, that will continue to happen.

Seemingly everyone talks about freedom of speech but few seem to understand what they really means. It’s not speech that is universally approved but also speech that may be universally condemned. Its the right to express ideas without fear of retribution. Think about it. Not sure the science supports the sky is falling narrative from the climate-terrorists? You’r not alone and in fact there are climatologists that would privately say the same, but deny it publicly. Why? Loss of employment, being cast out to the netherworld of academia. Being compared to creationists. Worse? Being compared to Holocaust deniers. So no rational discussion is allowed. You’re either with us or against us.

We see the same attitudes growing socially with the discussion of sex and gender. There are actually some that promote the idea of raising your children gender neutral. Governments accept pretty much any identity a person wants to display and some states accept more than a dozen identities. But don’t dare criticize this progressive movement. In some countries, you could actually be jailed for openly criticizing another person. Recently, in England, a conviction of being offended, was overturned, the judges saying that “freedom of speech…includes the right to offend”.Yes, you could be sent to jail or fined for offending another person in England. It looks like this country is beginning to wake up while ours, the U.S., begins to walk into those same traps. Luckily, for the moment, we still have the 1st Amendment but based on what some on the left are saying, maybe not for very long. Yes, a poll a year or so ago showed that 40% of millennials don’t think the right to speak is important. Imagine what that world will look like.

As we gather with family and friends over the holidays we should be thankful for those rights we have that allow people worship , assemble, and speak. We should be thankful to those framers of our constitution that ensured those rights for generations that today, some don’t seem to appreciate.

One thought on “The Future of Free Speech

  1. It’s almost as if they’ve been programmed in some way. So if anyone thinks that they’ve got the truth on their side, then they don’t know what they’re up against. The truth is incorrect and therefore inadmissible. If one thinks that they’ve got the law on their side – forget it. The law protects feelings now but not opposing feelings because opposing feelings are hate. Well what about someone’s rights of free expression under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? Nice try, but we both know that in the real world, human rights don’t apply to the wrong opinions. The wrong opinions are hate speech. They need to understand that when breeding the perfect captive society of self policing petty censors. One can’t afford to let somebody just come along and undermine it with a rational argument, so feelings outrank rational argument now. Anyone probably noticed that when they were banned from Twitter or any other social media outlet and banned from rational argument when it hurts somebody’s feelings…. is…. you’ve guessed it… hate speech. Progressive moral righteousness can make up these rules as it goes along because it’s got itself on its side so really you can’t win. They won’t even listen to your arguments as they beat you down with their phony buzz words. Its not about arguments or ideas anymore, that debate is illegitimate. It’s about someone being a racist or transphobic monster causing division and spreading hate. Welcome to the progressive state of ignorant bliss.


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