Losing Trust in Others



I find trusting others difficult. It’s not that there are people I don’t trust, it’s that there are few. We’ve all heard that trust is earned, and I would agree with that statement. But it’s not a one-time-only exchange with others: it’s something that is earned daily. At least for me. When someone betrays that trust, even in a small way, I don’t ever confide in that person again. It may sound strict, but consider that if a person cannot be trusted with something small, how could anyone ever trust that person with anything. at all?

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Losing a Friend, A Hero, A Father



So, okay, I haven’t written anything recently. I’m having to process a development in my life – or should I say, a development in the lives of some others, whom I have come to know as friends, even family, over the years. I received the call yesterday. A close friend had passed. Of course there was a feeling of guilt on my part because as the years went by, we were not in touch with each other as much as we were earlier. That happens though doesn’t it? Over time, we all have our own lives to live and sometimes that means that we don’t have the time for friends that we used to have.

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