Is Walmart Virtue Signalling?



I’ve been reading, and thinking a lot about Walmart’s recent decision on gun and ammunition sales as well as them asking customers to not open-carry within their stores. Okay, let’s start off and say that a private corporation can decide what they will or will not sell. By the way, not every Walmart in the country sells guns and ammunition and of course, not every state has a open carry law. My experience, locally, is I rarely have noticed anyone within Walmart with a pistol on their hip. I’m just one person though, and am not there everyday so I have no idea how common this is where I live.

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On Gun Control



With all the recent mass shootings, there have been more and more media coverage concerning gun control. Even the President is calling for something to be done that is reasonable and would not violate the Constitutional right for any citizen to buy and own a firearm. In the case of the most recent shooting in Texas, it has come to light that the shooter was denied a legal purchase – he failed a background check. That means the law in place works. It doesn’t prevent, and no law can, any illegal purchase.

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Neil deGrasse Tyson Brings Perspective. It Doesn’t Go Well For Him.




We, in the U.S., have experienced two horrific mass shootings in just something like 24 hours: the first in el Paso, Texas, the second, earlier today (Sunday) in Dayton, Ohio. I’m not going to comment directly on either because it’s too soon. What we are experiencing, mostly, from the media are a mixture of fact and fiction with a generous dose of pure speculation. I’ve not been watching the news, based on just those factors and when an incident  occurs, I always avoid the news for at least a couple of days because no one has anything pertinent to add that would inform me as to the why of the situation. too many partisan  voices. on both sides of the gun control debate, who have nothing to add concerning the actual event versus their own political agenda.

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