Utilizing the National Guard to Quell Violence?

I’ve been looking at an article for a while this morning and wondering if I should post something about it.

In the Daily Beast, Roland Martin is calling for the deployment of the National Guard to help quell the violence in Chicago. He believes, based on the Windy city’s 4th of July weekend with 84 people shot, 16 of whom were killed that the National Guard may be the only hope to stop that level of violence.

What does he really expect the guard to do? He thinks that the National Guard, working with local, state, and federal law enforcement can help “shut down the cartels in the city” that are responsible for the violence on the south side.

It’s an unusual step because that’s really not the job of the guard. Yes, they are called in when necessary to provide a law enforcement capability, but that’s only when civil authority has completely broken down (think post-Katrina, New Orleans).

And does the National Guard have any experience dealing with violent drug cartels as local, state and federal law enforcement? Well, no they don’t so I am wondering what exactly the guard is supposed to accomplish other than place an occupational force on the ground. Sure, they can assist police efforts but not having the experience of fighting an urban drug war may cause more problems than it attempts to solve.

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