Restoring a Reputation



There was a time, not that long ago, that if someone’s reputation were damaged by some  accusation(s), later fidcovered to be false, the person would be able to return to their normal life – maybe not immediately, but after a short period once the truth became known. Today? Not so. much. Even in the “olden days” I’m referring to (maybe 20 years ago), there would have always been detravtors of that person that no matter what, believed the allegation(s). There have always been those people that no matter the evidence presented, will not change their mind.  But that was okay, because those same people really had no way of continuing their persecution. How times have changed.

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When Should We Call The Police?



A friend posted an article that I found interesting: Oregon is considering making it illegal (civil penalties)  to call the police on a suspicious person, notably when it’s a person of color. We have all seen reports of the police being called for nonsense. I recall seeing sometime back a woman called the police for her black neighbors barbecuing. Seriously. It’s ridiculous and a waste of law enforcement time.  What about seeing a suspicious person in your neighborhood, no matter the race or ethnicity? Well, according to the article, it seems that that, too, would become against the law. Not a felony, but it would allow the person the police stopped, to sue the caller.

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The Lunacy Continues


I’m fairly certain I haven’t heard so much screeching about a possible Supreme Court nominee ever in my lifetime. The pending retirement of Justice Kennedy has the left so freaked out, its even inspired some of their allies in the media to predict the doom of America and the rollback of basic civil rights.

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Tommy Who?

I have to admit that until the last few days, I’d never heard of Tommy Robinson. I was amazed at the reactions from around the world when he was jailed for supposedly reporting on an ongoing criminal trial in Britain. How could this possibly be a crime?

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