Maybe Those on TV Should Think, Before They Speak



Something I’ve found interesting about some of the reporting about COVID-19 is how at least some of these people discussing it on television seem completely clueless about different parts of the country. Now, for sure, it’s easy to determine that New York City is more populated than, the entire state of Wyoming – even my home state here of Arizona – but when they can’t seem to understand why the number of cases, even in higher areas of population of these states is do low, I just look on with amazement.

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Nope. No New War for the Warmongers



I guess the US jut dodged another conflict in the Middle East recently. Unless you’ve been asleep, Iran launched a retaliatory strike  against American troops in Iraq, from their home country, using ballistic missiles. Whether it was luck or incompetence, there appears to have been no casualties. In fact Iran launched a total of fifteen missiles at at least two bases. al-Assad and Irbil, and none of them caused any sort of casualties at all. In fact, four missiles never made it to their destination which is a  26.6 percent failure rate.

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Media Malfeasance: A Sarah Braasch Story



So sitting around today, deciding to peruse my twitter account for a little while, to catch up on anything that may be interesting going on, I happened across a story tweeted by my friend Sarah Braasch. As many of you know, I’ve written about her “Napping While Black” incident that occurred at Yale in May of 2018 several times. I’ve even seen and have been appalled by some of the coverage of this incident, not only from Yale’s own student newspaper (it actually bothers me to refer to it as a “newspaper”) to others as in the New york Times and other major news and media outlets. To say the coverage has been one-sided would be a huge understatement as everyone, from members of the Yale administration and beyond have gone out of their way to assassinate Sarah’s character.

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Restoring a Reputation



There was a time, not that long ago, that if someone’s reputation were damaged by some  accusation(s), later fidcovered to be false, the person would be able to return to their normal life – maybe not immediately, but after a short period once the truth became known. Today? Not so. much. Even in the “olden days” I’m referring to (maybe 20 years ago), there would have always been detravtors of that person that no matter what, believed the allegation(s). There have always been those people that no matter the evidence presented, will not change their mind.  But that was okay, because those same people really had no way of continuing their persecution. How times have changed.

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The “Suicide” of Jeffery Epstein


Jeffrey Epstein

According to some “journalists”, the conspiracy theorists are out in droves this weekend over the sudden death of Jeffery Epstein. Everything we read online from any mainstream media source tells us, immediately, that Epstein committed suicide. There source for this? None. Even AG Barr has only commented on the death and has not called it “apparent suicide” as so many in the media are reporting.  It’s really silly reporting as, of this writing, no one, not even the Medical Examiner, has declared a cause of death. Am I a conspiracy theorist? No. I prefer, before anyone makes a pronouncement that the facts come to light.

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