Don’t Do It, NewsNation!

I was surprised to see recently that disgraced TV host Chris Cuomo had signed on with the newly (last year or so ) established NewsNation news channel (formerly WGN, Chicago). I sat awed at the commercial with Chris speaking directly into the camera promising potential that he’s going to try to be fair. Really? This guy has been a rabid democrat all of his professional career if not for his entire life and yes, people know this to be a fact. Hiding his preferences in some political news story is going to be like a leopard changing it’s spots. Who’s next,. Brian Stelter? I watch NewNation some and I think overall it’s pretty well balanced in its news coverage – not perfect but good nonetheless and hiring Chris Cuomo will do nothing to advance that perception with anyone. If anything, it will do just the opposite.

This Story Reminds Me of Another

Does anyone recall where they were say in the spring/summer of 2001? Maybe more specifically: May until early September of tht year? If so, do you remember the number one story of those m onths. It was the story that has cable news fixated. I couldn’t turn on my television to either MSNBC or Fox New (the 2 I regularly watched back then) without this one story being on or was ”next up”. It got to the point for me where I mostly stopped watching either of those channels and ytirdf to only watch local news at that time. But that story invaded evn local news, you know, that 22 minute show that covers mostly local or regional news. But there it was. II never paid attention to TV ratings back then but today I would have to guess that story was preeminent because it attracted th most viewers ad of cours, more viewers means more advertising money for the outlet.

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Monopolists FAIL to Kill Parler

So, I was perusing Twitter, and Parler last evening, just after posting this blog post where I discussed Apple and Googles decision to not carry the Parler app anymore and that I had read that Amazon, who hosts Parler on their servers, was going to shut the service down. I noticed tweets from various news sources that indeed, Amazon had shut off Parler. Well, no, they had not and I was surprised how someone would publish obvious fake news when all anyone had to do was access the site to see it was still up. There was even a message from the Parler CEO that this was going to happen, but not until Sunday. Okay. So this morning, the site is still up and now I’m reading it will be Sunday night,. Again, okay. It looks like Parler will have another host though and be back up and running soon (tomorrow). Good.

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Just the News, Please

It’s becoming more difficult to read the news. Listening to it is almost impossible already simply because most of what is proffered as news, isn’t. It’s opinion. The same thing has happened to print media and therefore we have seen, more in recent times that in the past, the slow death of what used to be called newsrooms for newspapers and magazines. Of course, mosr, if not all have moved some if not all of their content online, since that’s where most people spend their time but then the products are the same as before. Changing the format to electronic hasn’t seemed to help a great deal on the bottom line and we hear often about various news organizations performing layoffs simply becuse they cannot sustain a readership.

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Did Fox News Sabotage Themselves?

A short addtion for today. I was looking at a few different news sites today for any election news (there’s a lot!) and I came upon this at Fox News at the bottom of the page:

Our goal is to create a safe and engaging place for users to connect over interests and passions. In order to improve our community experience, we are temporarily suspending article commenting.

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