The “Suicide” of Jeffery Epstein


Jeffrey Epstein

According to some “journalists”, the conspiracy theorists are out in droves this weekend over the sudden death of Jeffery Epstein. Everything we read online from any mainstream media source tells us, immediately, that Epstein committed suicide. There source for this? None. Even AG Barr has only commented on the death and has not called it “apparent suicide” as so many in the media are reporting.  It’s really silly reporting as, of this writing, no one, not even the Medical Examiner, has declared a cause of death. Am I a conspiracy theorist? No. I prefer, before anyone makes a pronouncement that the facts come to light.

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Belief Does Not Equate to Truth



One thing I try to keep in mind when I’m on social media, are the numbers of people that will switch on their outrage engine at the slightest provocation. I usually try not to cause any controversy but sometimes, that is impossible to accomplish based on the content of my timeline on Twitter sometimes. I am often astonished at the numbers of people that are willing to believe absolutely anything, as long as it sits neatly within their political or social justice basket. Some will make the most outrageous statements, that appear to be fact based, but never offer anything that comes close to proving their statement. I see these tweets retweeted sometimes in the thousands.

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Why Do the Far Left Hate Quillette?




The title of this post is a question I’ve asked myself for a while. I’m a semi-regular reader of the site and to be perfectly upfront, as a conservative. I find the attacks against the online magazine without merit. What I have seen, is a lot of different articles and essays on various topics that range from history, to psychology and sociology, to physical science, and of course, politics. There’s a varied list of authors and I don’t actually believe I would be able to determine, in general, the ideology of any authors. Of course there are some that seem to lean to the right, as well as there are those that may lean left; Overall though, I think Quillette provides a venue for various points of view on a multitude of topics. It’s why I enjoy the site as I do.

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Under Fire, WaPo Attempts to Correct the Record



As many may know, The Washington Post was recently sued by one of the Covington Catholic School students (Nick Sandman), for defamation. The amount of the suit is reportedly $250 million. Of course, large media companies have insurance for these kinds of suits and although settling would probably increase their insurance premiums, it would probably not put the organization in any financial jeopardy. After over a month, The Post decided to issue an Editor’s Note, most likely based on the suit filed probably thinking it may somehow ameliorate their responsibility that would translate into damages.

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