Believing in the Afterlife



I was thinking about this post I recently wrote in response to some questions from a reader. One of the questions, if in fact not the main question was about talking to your children about death, as an atheist. I personally don’t believe that there’s anything beyond this life but as I responded, no one actually knows.  That’s the best answer anyone could possibly give and anyone that says for sure that the absolutely know what occurs when we die, is either lying or fooling themselves. But that started me thinking about this Pew Research Poll of atheists I read a while back because for some reason, I was certain that within that poll, I had read that there were atheists polled that did believe in an afterlife. I wasn’t disappointed when I revisited the poll.

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What Do Polls Actually Tell Us?


Do polls accurately represent the people that have been polled? I wonder. Going through this latest midterm election, I noticed many pundits, even journalists discussing the polls as to the numbers the Democrats might pick up in the House versus the same in the Senate with the Republicans. What is interesting is that, in almost every case, no one would cite a poll that they said was absolutely trustworthy.

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