The Political Circus: Bringing in the Clowns


With all of the attention of the media being on the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh, and the charge of sexual assault some 36 years ago, there was a tidbit I think that may have fallen through the cracks that I find more disturbing than anything I’ve seen or heard in quite a while.

The Senate and House Minority Leaders, along with the ranking members of both the House and Senate Intelligence Committees have issued a letter to the intelligence agencies instructing  them to not cooperate with any directive of the President without first consulting with Congress.

Yes, you read that right.  Here’s the exact language from near the end of the letter:

Your agencies’ review, and any communication with the White House on the substance of the material, should not proceed further until you have briefed the Gang of Eight in person.

The only question that comes to mind for me is why? Yes, in the letter they state national security concerns as well as interference with the Mueller investigation, but how can some transparency in this mess interfere and do they really believe that declassifying some of these pages will somehow jeopardize national security or is it they’re afraid of what those pages may reveal that could become the beginning of the end of their narrative of collusion?

With the upcoming midterm elections, I’m not sure what Democrats see as their advantage in any of this.Ye, of course they’re playing to their base, but do they not realize it also plays to the Republican base as well? I know that usually the minority party will pick up seats, at least in the House, possibly even take control. I’m not sure any of this helps them.

I know it’s popular in some circles to resist any and all of the Presidents directives or policies but the antics displayed by the opposition party is beyond an reasonable boundary.

I think it’s too soon for Democrats to be acting as if they’re in charge and making demands on the administration. That Blue Wave everyone is talking about might just end up a ripple.

3 thoughts on “The Political Circus: Bringing in the Clowns

    • I think what bothers me most is the letter. telling these people to refuse to enact any orders from the President without checking with them first. I didn’t say in the post, was going to but decided to leave it out, this is tantamount to a coup.


  1. Now..will this be for each and every president that comes along or just our current one?

    Well..if that is to be the case, then why have a president at all? You know what they really want is to toss out the law of the land and rule instead via oligarchy.


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