Will ‘Feminist’ be Banned in 2015?

Time magazine is asking it’s readers to vote on which word should be banned in 2015. The current result may surprise you.

Of course this poll is not scientific as it’s based on readers opinions and not any specific political or social demographic. The word currently leading? Feminist.

I can imagine why. Feminism today has become more than a movement for equality. Most people agree that the sexes should have equal rights, equal opportunity. I actually do not know of anyone that disagrees with egalitarianism.

What feminism has become in the 21st century is more about gender and identity politics. The policing of speech and activity are the focus with what appears to be a move for special rights for women. What are those special rights? It basically comes down to not being offended. Period. Not being offended by speech or images or writings that they may happen to disagree with and want purged from society.

They want to redefine words to become subjective in that harassment becomes a crime if you happen to vociferously disagree with a woman. How about misogyny? It’s the dislike/hatred of women but again they want it to mean anything at anytime. You’re a misogynist because you happen to play some video game where women are killed. You’re also sexist, by the way, just for buying that game.

How about mansplaining? Don’t dare tell some of these women that they don’t know what they’re talking about on a certain subject, if you’re a man. No, no, no!

It’s an interesting poll. No, I don’t believe we’ll ever see the word Feminist banned. I’m sure we’ll all see some rage blogs about it soon; the idea being that it’s probably all men that are responding to the poll. The other meme will be how this poll shows the overt sexism in our society.

I look forward to them. I’ll be careful not to mainsplain how they’re wrong.

2 thoughts on “Will ‘Feminist’ be Banned in 2015?

  1. Do you think the word should be banned? Do you think that the public attitude or belief that this word, or any word for that matter, is an attitude that should be given any kind of attention other than criticism? I personally am ashamed for the nation and those who believe in free speech that this attitude should be given voice without accompanying it by criticism. I realize you are using this poll as a platform from which to criticize feminism and feminists. But it is truly puzzling that you don’t also criticize the public attitude that a word, any word, should be banned.

    I also think your characterization of feminism is a misrepresentation of feminism and feminists.


    • I didn’t say I was in favor of having the word banned. I was just linking to an article at time where, currently, a majority of those responding to a completely unscientific poll, have chosen that ‘Feminist’ should be banned. Are they right? Well, again, it’s each persons opinion and in the long term, because it’s a readers poll, doesn’t say much of anything.

      It’s interesting though that of the respondents, at the time I viewed the poll, 44% were in favor. Why? I explained why I thought they responded the way they did.

      Want a recent example of what I was referring to? How about TODAY, and the manufactured outrage of some film of the ESA project crew after the landing of a robot on a comet. One guy is wearing a ‘sexist’ t-shirt. Oh my god!! My fee-fees are hurt because a guy is wearing a t-shirt with images of, wait for it, women on it.


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