Diagnosing Gender Dysphoria


So, earlier while perusing my Twitter feed, I came across an interesting YouTube video of a young woman who had previously began transitioning to a man, but was now in the process of de-transitioning. The video rambles a bit but is worth a watch. Why? This young woman, I think, should never had been allowed to begin hewr transition at all.  You xan watch the vide, here.

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How Memory Works



Ever had an event in life that you absolutely recall as happened and others around you tell you that, no that didn’t happen? Or the opposite, that something did happen – to you- and you have no actual memory of the event? I think it’s fairly common although most people I have ever discussed this topic with tell me it’s not. Maybe I think it is because it’s happened to me – both cases. It’s strange to recall an event, traumatic or not that no one who was supposedly there, recalls. I used to think that in one case, maybe the event was so disturbing that I blocked it, somehow, from memory. In the other case, I have perfect recollection of something that I claim to have happened when I was five or six years old, that I have ben told all my life,  did not happen.

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The Rise of ‘Eco-Anxiety’



I heard something recently that I thought was a bit strange. Children, some at least, aeem to be suffering from something referred to as eco-anxiety What’s this all about? It seems that all the doomsayers of climate change have affected youth around the world. It actually doesn;t surpriose me that young people, constantly hearing that the world as we know it is going to end soon – from politicians and climate activists – may be concerned. After all, these are adults (mostly) that they’ve been told they should trust.

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What Defines Being Happy?



We all have them, good days and bad days. Do we let those particular days define us? We shouldn’t. Everyone has a bad day now and again whether it;s work relatd or personal. The same goes for what we would define as a good day. Mainly, I think, we are all in the middle; Meaning we’re not overly happy nor are we sad. We can be happy without those highs and lows.

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Are Our Decisions Based on Free Will?



I had a short, but very informative dialogue with someone on Twitter recently. What was being discussed are our actions, whether they were conscious or unconscious. What is it that determines a conscious action on our part versus something that is not accomplished the same way? There seems to be an argument going on within those in the discipline of Psychology as the majority, for years, believe that we humans are triggered by our environment and therefore everything we do, or most, is through an unconscious derminination and that there is no such thing as free will.

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