It’s No Longer Science, It’s a Cult

Follow the science. How often in the past two years have we heard that from our leaders as well as those in our business or social circles? Daily would be a good answer. And in following the science of the Wuhan virus, what have we discovered in those same two years? Well, nothing that we probably didn’t surmise in the first few months of disease. In the early weeks of the pandemic, most of what I heard, or read, made me think that this COVID virus was some sort of vicious form of influenza. There were just too many similarities in the initial analysis and even though we were told, No, this is nothing like influenza, today, two years later, we are indeed discovering that COVID is expected to act like seasonal influenza from here to eternity.

As much as possible, without being a virologist or epidemiologist, like you, I’ve tried to follow the science and like Moses in the Old Testament, I wondered in the desert for forty years, Why? There was no consistent message. The buck didn’t stop anywhere and it appeared that those somewhat venerated agencies (NIH, CDC, FDA) were most consistent in contradicting each other. And they wondered why the general public lost trust. We didn’t lose trust in science, but those people that were only trying to make a name for themselves, and in doing, contradicted themselves, sometimes within a single interview!

Of course, some of this has led to a cognitive split in society: those that believe what they’re told by approved sources, and those that don’t. On one side, it’s almost a religious fervor. Get vaccinated! You’re the one’s causing the continuation of the pandemic! Wear a mask, always! This science has become their god. Don’t believe me? In a recent interview, Dr. Anthony Fauci said on live television that those people attacking him were attacking science. Yes, read, that again. What exactly was he saying there? Oh, his word is the Word. It is cult-like and in that way, insidious to those scientists that are attempting to explain to the public what the actual science shows.

So of these are vilified. Heretic! How dare you disagree! speak against Dr’s Fauci or Wolinski(CDC)? Blasphemers! It’s true. All you have to do is watch the news to see some channels that seem to be exchanging scripts because they’re using the exact same language. they’ve gotten together to try and convince a very doubting public that everything is okay and everything is on track. Is that what journalists supposed to do? Play the government tune?

Look at the protestors in Canada for more of that. It’s as if the government sends talking points out to news organizations to have them blast these people as insurrectionists and terrorists. It’s a cult that is trying to run our lives because of some awful form of a respiratory virus that, until people become tired of tyrannical edicts, will continue to race toward ruin.

Think for yourself. Support peaceful protests, like in Canada. Let your representatives know that first, they represent you and second, they’re doing an awful job at it.

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