I Don’t ‘Believe’ in Science


I read a headline the other day from Harrison Ford who state that we need to elect candidates that believe in science. Of course that’s a dig at Republicans who are regularly accused by the other side of not accepting scientific evidence. Yes, he’s just an actor and I rarely ever consider anything some entertainer says because in this case especially, it would be nice if those making statements like this actually understood basic science.

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Evidential Proof of Jesus?


As I’ve mentioned on multiple occasions, I don’t debate with Christians. I used to, and in fact had what I’d call a discussion with two on Twitter recently. That’s very unusual for me to do, but sometimes I see something that appears so outrageous I have to comment. My comment wasn’t meant to start any thing, but it did. Mainly, I avoid these interactions because no matter what is said on either side, no one’s going to be convinced of the other argument.

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Homeopathy As Murder

I believe that the worst event in anyone’s life must be the death of a child. More specifically, your child. Of course there are diseases that scinece based medicine have yet to solve. We all know that there are thousands of scientists around the world working to eradicate diseases from HIV to cancer. I applaud those men and women working selflessly in their fields, bringing hope and a cure, where once there was only a sentence of death. Today, people live longer lives because of the strides of science in the last century.

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